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makeup tutorial for back women

[Video] Powder Before Foundation New Makeup Hack

POWDER BEFORE FOUNDATION| MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BLACK WOMEN Are you keeping up with the latest beauty trends? Makeup artist, beauty lovers, and your favorite beauty gurus are raving over this reversed way to apply your makeup. Yes, I know you’ve just figured out the basics and just like that someone claims they have an improved version of your beauty routine. Lucky for you this new trend is pretty simple and painless. Powder Before Foundation  Using a translucent powder before applying foundation is said to create a…

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how to cut crease hack

[Video] Easy Graphic Eye Makeup Look

Guess who’s back! Today I’m bringing you a new makeup tutorial and I have to say I really enjoyed doing this look. I’ve been improving tremendously with my Youtube videos and it’s pretty obvious if you’ve ever seen my very first makeup tutorial. I have to say it was honestly a mess, however, this new video is probably one of my best. Below you can check out my cut crease makeup tutorial via my YouTube channel which I would appreciate if you subscribed. This look…

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