how to make flax seed gel

Flaxseed Gel or Natural Hair DIY

    Flaxseed Gel: For A Natural Hold With so many unnecessary, hair drying ingredients we can’t pronounce, it no wonder naturals are looking for alternatives. Well here’s a great alternative, flaxseed gel. It’s 100% natural, doesn’t dry out your hair, very budget friendly, and gives great curl definition.  What’s even better is that it’s extremely easy and quick to make. So naturalistas if you want a better option, try this flaxseed gel. Items You Will Need 1/2 cup Flaxseeds 2 cups of Water Vitamin…

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denim style trend

Denim Forever A Trend

  Warehouse denim shirt dress, $65 / Blue dress / Topshop denim top, $52 / 7 For All Mankind overall / Denim skirt / Rag bone JEAN denim skirt / H M sneaker, $20 / Pointy toe pumps Denim is forever! It’s a girls best friend (besides diamonds and stilettos ) and it goes with everything. Being so versatile it’s easy to see why this trend is in constant rotation. However, I honestly didn’t see the denim skirt coming back in such a major way.…

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The Fringe Trend: Are you into it?

    Fringe Trend Fringe is in and there’s so many ways to rock it. Don’t feel intimated. If a fabulous fringed leather skirt seems like to much for you, then try this trend in accessories. A cute fringed chain is definitely the more lowkey way to go.   If you’re anything like me, I don’t see the point of a $400 fringed dress that I might despise tomorrow. I think splurging on wardrobe staples and saving on trends is the best way to shop. So…

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quarter life goals

Quarter Life Goals: 25 Useful Things To Do By 25

  Take The Twenty Five By Twenty Five Challenge 1. Forgive and Forget If there is someone or something that you can’t move past, give it an expiration date! Don’t bottle things up and allow them to destroy you. 2. Travel Somewhere Apply for a passport and experience a different culture. 3. Be Happy and Single Never feel as if being in a relationship is a requirement for happiness. Spend some time alone and really get to know yourself. 4. Complete a 30 Day Challenge…

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detox mask for hair and skin

Pure Clay Detox Mask For Better Hair and Skin

 Why Should You Detox Detoxing means to rid the body of toxins or unhealthy substances. When you detox the hair you rid it of any product buildup that may have been left behind in your normal wash routine. Detoxing not only leaves the hair super clean and shiny but the skin beautiful and glowing. A hair and skin detox can be accomplished using very affordable clays such as red Morrocan clay or bentonite clay. They are equally great for your hair and skin but you may find one more…

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