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Vine Has Ended! Check Out 15 of The Top Vines That Will Make You Laugh

Have you heard Vine has come to an end? Back in 2013, Vine was an instant hit and no one could’ve imagined that a 6-second video could do the things it did. Whether it was creating stars, making the world laugh and inspiring some of the funniest memes in the past three years Vine was a big deal. When Instagram released its 15-second video feature it created a new space for content creators to gain an audience. For many such as myself, it eliminated my need for the app…

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Michel’le’s Surviving Compton Awakens The Idiots of The World

Michel’le’s Lifetime biopic Surviving Compton aired Saturday night and almost everyone had an opinion on it. But, what was most shocking was how many people showed their stupidity proudly across various social platforms. On one hand, many men and women believed Michel’le told a more honest story compared to the picture painted in Straight Out of Compton.Then there are the idiots of the world. The people who question her motives, claim she’s being dramatic, and a WHOLE lot of victim blaming. Of course, this was…

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alicia keys beauty regimen

Alicia Keys Lies About Wearing Makeup

By now you’ve heard about Alicia Keys’ vow to not wear makeup. For her going sans makeup was empowering, freeing and she wanted other women to have that same experience. This had the internet torn between “Yay, you go girl!”, ” Who cares?” and “Girl stfu?.” However, after all the hype around being all natural, it turns out Alicia Keys isn’t natural at all. Does anyone really care how much makeup Alicia Keys wears? No. However, if you’re going to make a big deal about this so-called…

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vmas review

2016 VMAs Recap The Good & The Bad

The Best and Worst of The 2016 Video Music Awards Last night the 2016 VMAs  aired their 4-hour award show and boy was it a lot to take in. First things first the show could of have truly been condensed into 30 minutes. That is all we needed to see Rihanna, Beyonce, Teyanna Taylor and Kanye West make the best moments of the night happen. Everything else shown  added no value to the VMAs and should have been kept at the round table. Let’s get the “BAD”…

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basketball wives season 5

Basketball Wives L.A. is Back & We’re Confused

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap   Embed from Getty Images Who’s Back Basketball Wives L.A is one of Shaunie O’Neal’s many kids.  Very popular for having drama times 10 and a lot of fighting over not a damn thing. If you remember last season ended with Shaunie letting cast member Brandi know her services were no longer needed. At least that’s what me and the other 12 people that still watch assumed. However, we were clearly wrong because Brandi is still here and…

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black vlogger

10,000 Youtube Views Mama I Made It

10,000 Youtube Views Ok, I didn’t make it big just yet. However, I’m so happy to be on my way. I was happy to get 1,000 views and 3 subscribers but over 10,000 and I’m on top of the world baby. To be honest almost 8,000 of those views came from one video (below) and I was quite surprised. I never thought that would ever be my top video. But, here I am making my DIY Rihanna Slides like a real budget queen would:  …

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fergie milf money

Fergie M.I.L.F Money ft Ciara, Chrissy & Kim K

New Music From Fergie Have you guys seen Fergie’s new music video? Did you even know that Fergie still made music? I had no clue and I’m not trying to be shady. I use to love Fergie! Remember when London Bridge dropped and there was so much conversation around what London Bridge meant? If I remember correctly it’s something really kinky. Years later Fergie is back and has everyone talking. M.I.L.F Money is of course, another sex filled song with the point driven home by…

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