Vine Has Ended! Check Out 15 of The Top Vines That Will Make You Laugh

top vine videos

Have you heard Vine has come to an end? Back in 2013, Vine was an instant hit and no one could’ve imagined that a 6-second video could do the things it did. Whether it was creating stars, making the world laugh and inspiring some of the funniest memes in the past three years Vine was a big deal. When Instagram released its 15-second video feature it created a new space for content creators to gain an audience. For many such as myself, it eliminated my need for the app knowing those 6-second videos would be downloaded to Instagram anyway. However, Instagram didn’t dull Vine’s shine. People from all over the world continued to create and share their videos with the world and even Snapchat didn’t stop them. Well, that is until now! Vine is over but those classic hilarious videos will live on. Here are some of my favorites:

Top Vine Videos

“Do it for the vine…I ain’t gon’ do it” One of my favorites and definitely the most adorable!

A prank goes that goes wrong….. or right.

Are club shootings funny? No, but the fact that Chris Brown thought they we’re dancing is!

This entire scene is worthy of an award.


I’m not even sure why they felt this was ok.


How long was he holding that poor dove?

There’s a lesson here..I think she learned it.

A classic..But what’s up with the random toilet?

“I was told by Apple Care..” Apparently, somebody lied to you ma’am.

How one woman created a whole new word. We’re forever grateful!

When a man gets caught and tries to sound smart.

That dance!

When your President is black…

Heart eyes will change his life..write that down ladies.

Excuse the language.

R.I.P Vine

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Michel’le’s Surviving Compton Awakens The Idiots of The World

michel'le dr dre nwa

Michel’le’s Lifetime biopic Surviving Compton aired Saturday night and almost everyone had an opinion on it. But, what was most shocking was how many people showed their stupidity proudly across various social platforms. On one hand, many men and women believed Michel’le told a more honest story compared to the picture painted in Straight Out of Compton.Then there are the idiots of the world. The people who question her motives, claim she’s being dramatic, and a WHOLE lot of victim blaming. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity to block the F*boys of the world in case they decide to slide in my dm’s a little later. And for all the women virtually high-fiving these bums, I’m judging you.

What’s Michel’le’s motive?

This question irritates my soul. Everybody has a right to tell their story unapologetically! If Dr. BEATS by Dre didn’t want to be seen as a monster he should have kept his hands to himself. Because you don’t get to treat people how you feel like it and then control how they tell the story. You really think she owes her abuser respect and discretion? Bye, ashy! Her motive was for everyone to see the other side of Straight Out of Compton and she has the right to do just that.

Michel’le was being a little dramatic

What?!?! Are you taking the “But did you die?” defense to domestic violence?

Real Comment: “I think there’s some truth to both but I think BOTH are exaggerated for each sides portrayal of their story. Did abuse happen yes but I won’t hesitate to think that maybe her story was dramatized”

Here’s my issue with this statement, you’re basically saying there’s a certain level of abuse that deserves empathy. You’re also telling other women that unless they’re almost killed and proof can be provided then the abuse barely happened. You’re also telling men that if they just hit you where no one can see it, where it won’t bruise, or just a few times then it’s a small issue. It’s never a small issue and no one deserves abuse at any “level”.

Michel’le was a hoe and did drugs so she’s equally responsible.

According to the internet, Michel’le being with Suge Knight and Dr.Dre makes her a hoe and using drugs to cope with abuse is grounds for being abused. THIS LEVEL OF STUPID IS INSANE! Why do people love blaming the victim? Yes, she ignored some major red flags in the early stages of her relationship, who hasn’t? Michel’le mentions being taught from young that abuse was a part of love. Yes, she dated her ex-abusers bodyguard who definitely wasn’t given off the good man vibes. It is very common for domestic violence victims to end up in multiple abusive situations. You do remember Suge was kind when she needed it the most like a true manipulator would. Regardless, she’s human and in no way did her choices make it acceptable for her to be mistreated. Just like a rape victim’s outfit doesn’t take away from her experience. Stop blaming the victim because it allows the offender space to not be accountable.

What do you teach your children?

Michel’le shared with us that she was being abused many times in a room filled with people. No one came to save her and they are no better than her abuser. As mentioned above she also shared that she was taught at a young age that abuse was simply a part of love. So, when I hear people looking for reasons why her story doesn’t meet their standards and doesn’t deserve the same level of respect I get upset. What do you teach your children? When you use your voice to discredit someone’s story do you realize that you’re hurting others? One in three women have experienced domestic violence in their life. So when you watch a woman pour her heart out and turn around and say “It couldn’t be that bad’, you’re silencing those women. Now they’re afraid to speak up and heal.

I mentioned on twitter during the airing of Surviving Compton that I couldn’t stay with a man that hit me because I’d leave him for a lot less. I didn’t realize that statement might have made another woman feel embarrassed about her situation. My comment sounded a lot like only weak women get hit but when you consider 1 in 3 will deal with some sort of abuse it makes you wonder. I believe abusive men are attracted to vulnerable women. However, anyone can become vulnerable at any point and that’s scary. So be mindful of how you judge a situation you’re statically very likely to experience.  Many domestic violence victims are afraid to do with Michel’le did because of the undeserving backlash. It’s like being abused, screaming for help and the world telling you to shut up ( a whole different form of abuse).



Alicia Keys and the No Makeup Ok Just A little Movement

alicia keys beauty regimen

“If you’re going to do something don’t half ass it, use your full ass!” By now you’ve heard about Alicia Keys’ vow to not wear makeup. For her going sans makeup was empowering, freeing and she wanted other women to have that same experience. This had the internet torn between “Yay, you go girl!”, ” Who cares?” and “Girl what?.” Even though apparently she wasn’t exactly true to the no makeup movement herself. Yes, it turns out Alicia Keys definitely wears a little something to enhance her features (no surprise). Do I care about how much makeup someone wears? No, but if you’re going to make a big deal about this so-called freeing experience of showing your true self then why not commit to it 100%. Alicia Keys is a gorgeous woman with flawless skin and she’s black so you know she’s aging like wine. I don’t think she understands that she inspired women who don’t have the luxury of fancy skin care treatments on exotic islands to share bare faced photos with the world. Women who aspire to not have to depend on products for their confidence. So on one hand, thank you Alicia,  it probably was a very freeing experience for those women. On the other hand, YOU LIED. Alicia even had Tamron Hall on national tv wiping off her makeup meanwhile grinning with her little enhanced look.

In my opinion, I feel there is definitely a place for this movement.  As the beauty industry grows makeup seems to attract everyone and their mother (and sometimes their fathers too). This has created insecurities and people who don’t feel beautiful without a beat face. Even worse than that, women who don’t just enhance their natural beauty however, spend an hour transforming into completely different people every day. So the whole embracing what’s yours is indeed a dope idea. However, don’t leave these women with acne scars and hyperpigmentation out here meanwhile, you still use your makeup artist for light work. Bye Alicia!



If you wanted to lead the way in helping women love themselves bare-faced and imperfect then lead by example. I’m not surprised that your no makeup look is really a no makeup makeup up look but if that was your plan you could’ve kept this whole thing to yourself. I find no issue with you still wanting a little eyebrow powder and maybe a little bronzer but honey words mean things and you don’t qualify for your own movement.

What do you think about the No Makeup, Ok Just A little Movement?


2016 VMAs Recap The Good & The Bad

vmas review

The Best and Worst of The 2016 Video Music Awards

Last night the 2016 VMAs  aired their 4-hour award show and boy was it a lot to take in. First things first the show could of have truly been condensed into 30 minutes. That is all we needed to see Rihanna, Beyonce, Teyanna Taylor and Kanye West make the best moments of the night happen. Everything else shown  added no value to the VMAs and should have been kept at the round table. Let’s get the “BAD” out of the way so we can focus on the good stuff.

The Bad


Key and Peele should have stayed their behinds on home. The thing is I actually enjoy a lot of the material they put out on their own tv show. However, last night their commentary was over the top and not one joke made sense. The only part of their non-ending commentary that was remotely entertaining was when they lacked words to express how awesome Beyonce’s Lemonade performance was.

Ariana Grande and her ponytail tried really hard to do something. No idea what she was trying to do but she tried. To Ariana’s credit, her voice is absolutely amazing and no one can take that away. However, the combination of trying to sing and cycle on stage did not work out at all. The best thing Ariana could have done was played to her strengths and just went out and sang like we all know she can.

Anyone who told a joke last night was terrible.

The Good

Kanye West came out and blessed us with a speech about god knows what. I have no idea what message he was hoping convey but I put him in the good category for several reasons. For one he introduces himself by saying I am Kayne West as if we had no clue. He goes on to address the Taylor Swift issue, he shouted out Amber Rose, Kayne is still stanning for Beyonce and he blessed us with an amazing new video starring Teyana Taylor.


Teyana Taylor danced in Kayne West’s new video (premiered during the VMAs) and it was nothing short of amazing. The fact she has a baby that’s not even 1 yet and Teyana’s body is goals already is absolutely crazy. Her snap back game is too strong and actually very inspiring. I almost gave up pizza after watching Teyana perform in a sports bra and underwear. Sidenote: The fact that Cosmopolitan Magazine thought we didn’t know who Teyana Taylor was last night was super annoying. With love, I ask that you not try it again and get those tweets together.


Beyonce arrived at the awards in a whimsical and dramatic feather neckline gown with Blue Ivy in an adorable tutu gown and sneakers (photo above). She also brought the cast of her last project on the carpet with her, including the mothers that lost their sons to police brutality. Later that night she gave us an amazing performance of Lemonade. As always she did a spectacular job and went home with the Video of The Year award (a win over Kayne).

Rihanna had a total of four performances! She started with a Pepto Bismol pink (no shade I loved it) themed set including Only Girl, We Found Love, Where Have You Been and Please Don’t Stop The Music. Her second performance was exciting for any Caribbean girl. She performed Work, Rude Boy and Whats My Name in a dancehall themed set. Third, she performed BBHMM and Pour it Up. Her best and last performance was Diamonds, Stay, and Love on the Brain. Although her voice was shaky throughout the night she ended things on a good note, no pun intended, and we were all proud of her.

If you didn’t know Rihanna received the Video Vanguard Award and her rumored boyfriend Drake presented it to her. However, he didn’t just present it he gave a speech so great that it could only prelude to a proposal and you cannot tell me Drake isn’t in love with Rihanna. The only thing that that sucked in that moment was that Rihanna wasn’t giving any form of PDA. She low key called him short, curved his kiss and kind of friend zoned him on stage. With all that, there is hope that they both find love.

What Was Your Favorite Part?

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Basketball Wives L.A. is Back & We’re Confused

basketball wives season 5

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap


Who’s Back

Basketball Wives L.A is one of Shaunie O’Neal’s many kids.  Very popular for having drama times 10 and a lot of fighting over not a damn thing. If you remember last season ended with Shaunie letting cast member Brandi know her services were no longer needed. At least that’s what me and the other 12 people that still watch assumed. However, we were clearly wrong because Brandi is still here and came with her DJ sister/friend to help fight those battles. Along with Brandi, another returning cast member that’s not leaving a dime of BBW:LA money behind is Two Screws Loose Jackie Christie. Jackie is such a special character. According to her if Doug’s balls are empty then he’s probably cheating because she performs nut checks like a ex-prison guard TSA agent. Jackie oh Jackie will you ever let Doug off his leash?

Angel is also back with another Angel who also has a strained relationship with an athlete. Angel (the white one) also appeared on National T.V. in an outfit that of course had ANGEL printed over the entire jumpsuit. So much fun, right?  Tami Roman is also still holding on to that tv money and is back with youngin’ bae. Did you know she miscarried three times? She says they’re still trying but the previews lead me to believe there’s trouble in paradise. Best of luck with the babies and bonnet videos Tami.

Last but not least Malaysia Pargo is back and under the impression that Brandi ( her bestie) should fight for the marriage with her cheating husband. Interesting or not? Brandi is closer than redneck cousins to letting this friendship go. I’m not sure what Malaysia’s story line is other pretending to like Jackie and irritating Brandi’s sister.

Basketball Wives L.A. is on its last season (according to me). Shaunie should have been releasing something new while she still has some of our attention. I mean she’s on a Papa John’s commercial or goodness sakes, the time is now. Use all of that creative juice and give us something good and not necessarily ratchet. I guess Draya ran off on the plug at the perfect time (hope I’m using Plies lyrics correctly).

Questions That Need Answers.

Should Brandi apologize to Shaunie again?

How did this get renewed?


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10,000 Youtube Views Mama I Made It

black vlogger

10,000 Youtube Views

Ok, I didn’t make it big just yet. However, I’m so happy to be on my way. I was happy to get 1,000 views and 3 subscribers but over 10,000 and I’m on top of the world baby. To be honest almost 8,000 of those views came from one video (below) and I was quite surprised. I never thought that would ever be my top video. But, here I am making my DIY Rihanna Slides like a real budget queen would:


Number 1 Thing I Learned From Vlogging

Lighting is everything! I promise as soon as I get some bomb lighting my videos will be A-1. I record some of my vlogs on my IPhone and others on my Nikon , either way, bad lighting always equal not so great quality. No worries I’ll be fixing that very soon because I want to always provide quality content to you guys. I never realized how difficult it is to vlog than to blog. There’s so much work and when you add in two noisy kids that don’t sleep it gets stressful. But, one thing I know is if someone has done it before then it’s possible. So I won’t be making any excuses just working on improving. I can’t wait to be flourishing like my other fav black vloggers!

Here’s my very first video.

How To Define 4c Natural Hair

Also , please check out my favorite products video and SUBSCRIBE!

Please like and subscribe to my channel!


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Fergie M.I.L.F Money ft Ciara, Chrissy & Kim K

fergie milf money

New Music From Fergie

Have you guys seen Fergie’s new music video? Did you even know that Fergie still made music? I had no clue and I’m not trying to be shady. I use to love Fergie! Remember when London Bridge dropped and there was so much conversation around what London Bridge meant? If I remember correctly it’s something really kinky.

Years later Fergie is back and has everyone talking. M.I.L.F Money is of course, another sex filled song with the point driven home by Kim Kardashian standing and dripping in milk. FUN! Along with a few scenes of Ciara who many are saying happens to be the only black girl in a hip-hop influenced song. To Fergie’s credit, I’m almost sure I saw a couple other black girls in there.

Bosses. #MILFpack #MILFMONEY

A photo posted by Fergie (@fergie) on

Sidenote: I love that there’s a scene of Chrissy Teigen breastfeeding!

Now, what do I think of the video overall? It’s cute , colorful and creative. And as soon as I figure out what the song is actually about I’m sure it’ll grow on me as well.

Check out the video below:

Fergie M.I.L.F $

Got M.I.L.F?  Do you like it?


Who Make’s Fergie’s Sunglasses:

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