The Best Deep Conditioning Mask Treatment For Natural Hair | Briogeo Review

the best conditioner for natural hair

Is Briogeo good for Natural hair?

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A while back I received a Pop Sugar Must Have Box filled with awesome things from a lip lacquer to my new favorite fall hat. Another great product I received and fell in love happens to be perfect for my natural hair and yours too. It’s a deep conditioning mask from Briogeo that promises to “reduce breakage by up to 81% after 3 uses”. Is this even possible? Well, everyone’s hair is different so I won’t make that promise. A better question is, Is Briogeo worth a trip a local retailer?

After about 4 uses,  I’d say yes! If you haven’t been keeping up I’ve been dealing with a few hair troubles. Mostly thinning as mentioned in a previous post.  I feel confident Briogeo has really been helping my hair and you can check out my new vlog to find out more.

Deep Conditioning For Natural Hair

Briogeo Review

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New Vlog Natural Hair Update Featuring Hawaiian Silky and Pine Tar

Hawaiian silky 14 in 1

About two months ago I posted a video on Youtube talking about trying Virgin Hair Fertilizer for the first time and not liking the results. I felt that the Virgin Hair Fertilizer may have been responsible for breakage (thinning mostly) instead of growth. To be honest, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the product so I was confused by my results. However, a subscriber let me know that there are some fake products going around so maybe it was fake. Maybe I had a bad batch or maybe it simply wasn’t a product for me! Either way, it’s only hair and I’ve moved on to trying different  products in hopes of getting better results.

Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 and Pine Tar Review

I’m so tempted to do my third big chop and start over but I think it may be best to hold on. I get a little scissor happy and it’s so me to just cut and not look back. But for now, I’ve decided to use Pine Tar under my protective styles (wigs) and Hawaiian Silky as a leave in every day. Check out my new vlog below for more info on these products.

black and beautiful


thinning natural hair

No idea why the resting b**** face is so strong in the above photos but I’m glad to let my fro breath. Y’all know this is the only natural hair style I currently like? It’s because it’s my secret to a fuller look without any of the work. The minute I attempt a two strand twist I look like the poster child for ” I use to have long hair but my mom permed it when I 9 and it never grew back.” That is why I stay with a wig and ask god to bless my edges.

I will be continuing to use Pine Tar, Hawaiian Silky, and protective styling for the next two months. Seeing as I’ll be turning 25 on December 22nd if my hair isn’t right by then I’ll be happily celebrating my born day and the new year with no hair.

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Amazon Dupe Artis Brushes | Affordable Makeup Brushes | Oval Brush Set

oval brush review

Since the first time I saw Artis oval brushes I was in love. I have an appreciation for creative and innovative things that bring something new to what we normally wouldn’t think to reinvent. The coolest thing about Artis brushes is, of course, the oval shape that basically changed the game. However, they are pricey but from my understanding worth every pretty penny. Luckily, for those of us budget beauties, there are dupes and I finally decided to try them out.

In my new vlog I share my review on the 10 oval brush set I purchased on Amazon for $18. They are really gorgeous brushes and came in the beautiful rose gold that happens to be one of my favorite metallic. Check out my new video below:

Dupe Artis Brushes

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Eyelash Extensions or False Lashes + Groupon Beauty Savings

beauty groupns

Eyelashes are never going out of style! In my opinion, they are the second most important thing to perfect when doing your makeup, the first being eyebrows of course. For me, lashes have been a struggle that I just recently figured out. I was determined to get it right because nothing hurts more than seeing your highlight on point, eyebrows on fleek and eyeshadows perfectly blended and then baby lashes that even the greatest of mascaras couldn’t enhance. You not what? I lied, there is something that hurts more than that! You ever saw a man with natural lashes so perfect you had to question god why life is so unfair. WHY GOD!


False Lashes vs. Eyelash Extensions

Once you decide that it’s time to be a big girl and enhance those eyes then your second step is deciding what method for applying these lashes you’ll go with.

False Lashes

I prefer false lashes that I can do at home, peel off at night and reapply when needed.  This method is great because it’s super affordable and allows you to switch up your look constantly. Sidenote: If you didn’t know there are tons of different types of lashes. You can buy them with a natural look, super glamourous, absolutely ridiculous (if that’s your thing) or really funky with rhinestones, glitter, feathers, colors. There are so many options and also different materials like mink if you’re fancy or synthetic fibers if your budget says that’s what best.

However, the fact that I have to take it off and reapply is a pain in the butt. The only reason I even remove my lashes is because if I asleep in them I’d wake with one attached to my cheek and the other on my eyebrow.

Lash Extensions

To be honest I’ve never tried lash extensions. But, I’ve been wanting them for the longest! The biggest Pro for lash extensions is that they can last for up to 8 weeks with proper care. This means you have to be careful with what cleansers you use that may be great for removing makeup but terrible for keeping lashes. If you don’t actually wear makeup they will more than likely last up to the 8 weeks. I recommend using some sort of facial wipes to afford any issues when cleaning your face. The con is doing this at home is a terrible idea. You could ruin your natural lashes and become a Pinterest Fail, don’t become Pinterest Fail people.

Now keep in mind one of the overall positives for wearing any type of lash is that you get an instant made up look. You will always be cute and can even sing “I woke up like this” without lying for once. However, the only way to ensure you don’t wake up with a lash on your pillow is by sleeping sitting up or getting eyelash extensions. I don’t know about you but latter sounds like a bad idea.

Now have no fears I won’t just leave you guys hanging with that information and not guide to step three.

Disclosure* This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine and I Shanae Wildgoose of The Urban Eclectic hold no responsibility for any issues or health risk encountered when trying any advice at home.

Step #3 Where to Get Lash Extensions?

Like I said, not at home! There’s actually a fabulous site called Groupon that has a huge selection in Health, Beauty, and Wellness to guide you to the best place to get the lashes of your dreams. And while you’re there check out all their other amazing  Groupons and get your entire life right. Groupon is the best one stop place to purchase a variety of things and services for the entire family and the name says it all. They even have eyebrow tinting groupons!

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New Vlog: 100 Liquid Lipstick Layers Challenge

100 layers challenge

Viral Trend: 100 Layers Challenge

The new viral challenge is all about layers, not  a haircut but overly layering everything from nail polish, to lipstick and clothes. I believe it started off with the Nailpolish Moutain where someone got the idea to layer 100 nail polishes on every nail! I barely like using base coat, nail polish and top coat so I’m amazed by the patience and determination! I’m even more amazed by how much this challenge has taken off. I’ve seen videos with 100 layers of foundation, eyebrows, lashes, bindis, and Nutella. That all sounds expensive as hell and the way my bank account set up…


While I had no plans on wasting perfectly good makeup on for the newest themed challenge I did anyway. I had no reason other than boredom and to be honest curiosity. How does one get through 100 layers of anything? Let me tell you guys it was a very interesting experience and of course, I recorded the whole thing. Check me out and please subscribe to my channel

Before The Challenge

100 layers challenge

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick


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New Vlog: It’s A Wig Queen Sophia Synthetic Wig Review

protective style wig review


its a wig queen sofia

It’s A Wig Queen Sophia Review

Have you seen this wig before? Now I’m letting you know exactly what I think about it in my new Youtube video. A quick review on my favorite from the It’s A Wig Corp! Find out more below.

Sidenote: I also wanted to give you guys the opportunity to check Summer 2016 FabFitFun boxes.

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summer fabfitfun box

Click Here To Find Out More Info on This Awesome Box! Get FabFitFun in Summer 16′

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New Vlog: Top 8 Favorite Budget Beauty Products + LOTD

budget beauty favorites

budget beauty look

Budget Beauty Products Under $10

Need THE LOOK without spending THE COINS. Check out my new video.

budget beauty favorites

drug store makeup

Shop Products:

Thanks For Watching!

outfit of the bgki

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