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creative bucket list

Collect Experiences Not Things | Top 25 Bucket List Ideas

Out of Your Comfort Zone Having a bucket list is like a gym membership after New Years. Everyone is excited to have one but the moment it’s time to do the work the novelty wears off. You have to admit to yourself that sitting at home watching Netflix is not satisfying enough and deep down inside of you is a wanderlust or someone who simply wants more. It’s a lot to realize that all of this time you’ve been happy and content about the simplest…

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the dream center

Youth Center In Chicago Being Shut Down | The Dream Center Seeking Support

Today in social media news is finally a story that definitely needs to be heard. A story about women making positive and inspiring moves within Chicago in hopes to keep the youth off the streets. Something that’s often complained about but not supported enough. The Dream Center was built without grants or handouts and now may possibly be coming to an end. Check Out Beyonca Johnson (co-owner of The Dream Center) full statement below:  “I spent over 250k Cash of my own money to build a community…

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pillow for back pain

What Do You Do For Back Pain When Yoga Is Not Enough?

At some point within entering my 20’s back pain became a normal part of my life. On a positive note I became legally allowed to drink around the same time so there was a silver lining. Normally for women, back pain can be a major issue nearing that time of the month or during pregnancy and after childbirth. But for me, my back ages 40 years in 5 minutes just from walking or standing too long. Naturally, this prompted me to do a little research. First…

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cheap weekend bags

Weekend Getaway Shopping: Luxury & Affordable Weekend Bags

  Weekend Getaway Shopping List Number 1 Item Now that summer has basically ended and the children are back in school, family vacations are probably over. But don’t think of the end of summer meaning traveling must come to a halt as well. Traveling is fitting for every season even if it’s just a simple weekend getaway. What does a perfect getaway require? Besides an amazing location and few fabulous outfits, you will definitely need a fly weekend bag.  Good luggage is absolutely necessary for that wanderlust spirit…

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black relationships

Struggle Love for Black Women and Their Magical Powers

So I’m scrolling through Facebook and came across a post that I had to share! A very interesting message from Tia Phillips who has a strong opinion on black women being told that they should settle for men still in the “growth” stage. Have you ever heard this before? I definitely have! My Non-Angry Black Woman Rant Why do some black men believe black women have magical healing powers. Like we’re supposed to enter your life, fix all of your problems and in the end if we’re lucky you’ll…

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how to self care

Treat Yo’ Self With These 20 Self Care Methods

Who isn’t talking self-care these days? There are hundreds of memes, charts and quotes that promote a practice that most people barely comprehend. What is self-care? Honestly, it’s a pretty word for a whole bunch of things you should be doing anyway but for some reason you haven’t made them priorities. Like getting enough sleep, saying your affirmations and taking a break from your cellphone. Yes, you have to put down the phone because liking your favorite celeb’s bubble bath selfie won’t actually help YOU…

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what to buy at the dollar store

Don’t Buy Chicken at the Dollar Tree. Buy This Instead

What’s Up With The Dollar Tree? The Dollar Tree is the type of place you need to add to your bucket list. Ok, maybe don’t do all of that but definitely go check it out if for some reason you haven’t. Just know even when you guys see me on some 30 under 30 list  I’ll still be at the Dollar Tree buying batteries to put in my home theater seat warmer remote on the weekends. There’s so much you can get for a dollar but this…

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