What Do You Do For Back Pain When Yoga Is Not Enough?

pillow for back pain

At some point within entering my 20’s back pain became a normal part of my life. On a positive note I became legally allowed to drink around the same time so there was a silver lining. Normally for women, back pain can be a major issue nearing that time of the month or during pregnancy and after childbirth. But for me, my back ages 40 years in 5 minutes just from walking or standing too long. Naturally, this prompted me to do a little research.

First I needed to know, Why does my back treat me so dirty? Did Eve bite the apple and really create this thing where back pain is just a part of PMS as God’s revenge to women. Probably not, but back pain is actually really normal around this time so what can one do?


Bad Tip #1 Drink a few bottles of wine and eat a few pounds of chocolate while watching a stereotypical chick flick until the pain stops. And also cry a little ( supposedly it’s apart of being a woman or something).

More than likely the reason back pain is a major issue for me is actually linked to my posture. MIND BLOWN.


Good Posture Is Key

Yes, posture is everything and I’m a millennial so I didn’t have someone to smack me for not sitting properly. So I try to remind myself throughout the day to pull myself together and stop sitting like a bum. It’s very easy to get super comfortable when Netflix and Chilling sans an actual companion. Because, good posture and shaved legs aren’t really a priority for single women. But, now that I’m considering not dying alone,achy and humped over I have to find a solution. One thing I’ve mentioned in previous post was practicing yoga. The right yoga poses are really good for easing lower back pain. Poses that allow you to stretch such as child’s pose and spinal twist are my favorites.

What Do You Do For Back Pain When Yoga Is Not Enough?

The people behind Back Level sent me an awesome pillow designed like no other. Of course, I had to share my honest review with you guys and let you know the deal with this pillow. Back Level’s back support is designed to give support where your bed normally doesn’t. It’s also not in those weird speed bump shapes that look extremely uncomfortable. What I love most is that I was able to use it when laying on back, side, under my neck and sitting up in a chair. To be honest, the first night was really awkward but that stage didn’t last too long.  The way the pillow curves make easier to get comfortable compared to other back pillows. And because I often have to sit up for long periods to blog I really appreciated the extra support and how it helped me keep my posture when sitting during the day. Like I’ve learned, good posture is key and will gradually reduce back pain over time. Also, Back Level’s back support pillow may be the thing you need when yoga isn’t enough.

Check them out here.

back pillow reviews

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Weekend Getaway Shopping: Luxury & Affordable Weekend Bags

cheap weekend bags
Travel In Red


Weekend Getaway Shopping List Number 1 Item

Now that summer has basically ended and the children are back in school, family vacations are probably over. But don’t think of the end of summer meaning traveling must come to a halt as well. Traveling is fitting for every season even if it’s just a simple weekend getaway. What does a perfect getaway require? Besides an amazing location and few fabulous outfits, you will definitely need a fly weekend bag.  Good luggage is absolutely necessary for that wanderlust spirit we all have. It’s also number one on my weekend getaway shopping list. You may feel a Gucci duffle priced around $2,000 is the only way to go or you may feel just as fabulous with a

You may feel a Gucci duffle priced around $2,000 is the only way to go or you may feel just as fabulous with a Deux Lux for a little over $100. Whatever your budget I have sixteen weekend bags you could totally rock on your next weekend getaway.

Luxury Weekend Bags

Affordable Weekend Bags

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Struggle Love for Black Women and Their Magical Powers

black relationships

So I’m scrolling through Facebook and came across a post that I had to share! A very interesting message from Tia Phillips who has a strong opinion on black women being told that they should settle for men still in the “growth” stage. Have you ever heard this before? I definitely have!

My Non-Angry Black Woman Rant

Why do some black men believe black women have magical healing powers. Like we’re supposed to enter your life, fix all of your problems and in the end if we’re lucky you’ll love us back, stay loyal and let us call you king. I mean if I have to heal you then shouldn’t I be the king. Clearly, if that was possible then I would have all the power! I don’t know about you ladies but I don’t want the responsibility of fixing anyone. Especially since I hear many times that a woman cannot raise a man. If I a woman can’t raise a little boy to be a man then I can’t help a man grow up either. Women aren’t born thinking one day I’ll go up , catch me male and fix him real good. They (mainly black women) are TAUGHT to get what they can, hold him down through his crap and literally pray to god you get a ring. I don’t want to be the voice of all woman but can I ask the men on behalf of most of us to FIX YOURSELF! We’re tired and we have our own problems. That whole I’m just going to be a man and if you really love me you’ll see past that and stick by me til I’m done taking you for granted thing has to go. They say all that with a smile as if they’re handling your last opportunity to happiness. Meanwhile, if a man doesn’t want you for the smallest of reasons you can’t even get a text. Aren’t men so funny!

All I’m saying is we have every right to not want your problems. Black girl magic does not give us magically male healing powers.

Tia Phillips on Struggle Love


There’s nothing noble or cute or endearing about choosing a man that you have to help “build”. That doesn’t make you a better woman. We are not teenagers anymore. We are not fresh out of college. Stop accepting men with stunted growth as these pet projects. No real man wants his woman to have to be his crutch anyway.

And a black woman who expects financial and emotional security from their partner is not automatically shallow or a gold digger!

I’ve grown up my entire life in a white community and that is never ever the narrative that white girls/women are fed. They are groomed to aspire to finding the best partner possible. As they should. As WE should!
Stop trying to win the gold medal in the Humble Olympics.”

“Just so y’all know, struggle love isn’t just limited to finances.
It’s ANY man who is not fit for partnership (and I’m speaking about men because black women are the ones who are fed the “build him up” narrative so don’t come here commenting “but what about unfit women?”)
Men who don’t know how to be faithful. Don’t be their experiment.
Men who have children already but are not excellent fathers.
Men who say they love you but don’t show you.
Men that know your goal is eventually marriage but they don’t honor that.
Men who find every reason to take while rarely giving.
Men who have some other type of serious flaw that you would have to fix at the detriment to yourself.
So often people assume that because I married a wealthy man that was the end all be all. Nope. Financial stability was ONE requirement. Who he was as a person and what his heart was made of was another huge factor.
I don’t want women to subscribe to the narrative that you should just marry well financially. I want black women to subscribe to the narrative that they deserve to marry the COMPLETE package and that they need not settle for one or the other. ”

-Tia Phillips

What do you guys think?

Treat Yo’ Self With These 20 Self Care Methods

how to self care

Who isn’t talking self-care these days? There are hundreds of memes, charts and quotes that promote a practice that most people barely comprehend. What is self-care? Honestly, it’s a pretty word for a whole bunch of things you should be doing anyway but for some reason you haven’t made them priorities. Like getting enough sleep, saying your affirmations and taking a break from your cellphone. Yes, you have to put down the phone because liking your favorite celeb’s bubble bath selfie won’t actually help YOU relax. Why should you self-care? Because you deserve it! Your kids are fine because you’re a great mom, your boss is happy because you work hard and your friends are content because they can depend on you. But, If you do nothing else in life remember to pour into yourself the amazing things you freely give to everyone else.



What does it take to self-care?

An investment. Whether it’s your time or money you have to invest into your happiness. Maybe you do need the most obvious option when it comes to relaxation, a spa day. However, keep in mind that self-care isn’t about one hour of happy and then 23 hours of “ok. what’s next”. Self-care is all about being in charge of what creates the happiness and balance you want in your life. Because, balance is always important (work hard, play hard). The reason why I said you have to be in charge of you is because everyone will believe they know what you need and 9 times out of 10 it won’t actually benefit you.

What self-care act will benefit you most?

No one has the answer but you. Ask yourself, “What do I need” and “What do I want”. Find the balance between your two responses and do what feels right for you. Whatever you come up don’t talk yourself out of exploring your options. Maybe you have a passion that you’ve allowed to sit in the back in your mind and collect dust. Self-care means creating that vision board, putting that idea up front and going for it. If there’s some past experience that still controls your current outlook on life then you will find that journaling or maybe a therapy session will be a great help. Self-care doesn’t always require you to be alone, being around like-minded women and empowering each other is another powerful way to self-care.

Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t be happy today or tell yourself there’s a better time to accomplish a goal or go after a passion. Go for it now so you can celebrate sooner! 



Self-care is often broken into 5 main categories:

Physical,Mental/Emotional,Spiritual, Lifestyle and Social.

Physical self-care deals with how you take care of your physical self. Are you sleeping good, eating right, exercising consistently and seeing doctors when necessary? You shouldn’t only see a doctor in the emergency room. Invest in a dermatologist when needed, go and get your eye checked yearly and your teeth cleaned routinely.

Mental and Emotional self-care is highly important. Mental health issues are currently affecting far too many people who are reluctant to seek professional help. Self-care is preventive care. Learning to cope in healthy ways, finding support and managing stress are some of the ways to prevent mental health issues.

Spiritual self-care is a deep connection with self, god or nature. Becoming self-aware, finding your purpose and prayer are examples of spiritual care.

Lifestyle self-care is how you choose to live your life. Maybe you overwork yourself, can’t say no when you need to or are living day-to-day with no direction. Either way, self-care is important to improve your lifestyle and living a fulfilled life.

Social self-care is how you interact with the people in your life. This is how you connect with your family and maintain healthy relationships. Healthy relationships not only affect your quality of life but how you see yourself.


“Invest in yourself. Invest in self-discipline. Invest in self-satisfaction. Have complete control over your own thoughts and convictions, and never stop aiming to outdo yourself.”–Lionel Suggs

20 Ways to Invest Into Yourself

  1. Get Your Body Right (Try Keaira LaShae)
  2. Buy quality and healthier foods (Say No To GMOs!)
  3. Find your purpose ( workbooks, ebooks, seminars)
  4. Get a life coach.
  5. Travel ( Staycation or Explore a New Country)
  6. Attend a conference.
  7. Go on a date.
  8. Take a mental health day.
  9. Take a dance class.
  10. Redecorate your home (Your home environment can affect your mood.)
  11. Keep a journal ( Write out the things you can’t say out loud.)
  12. Break a bad habit.
  13. Turn off the TV and put away the phone for the day.
  14. Read daily affirmations.
  15. Make a vision board.
  16. Write a personal mission statement.
  17. Meditate or Pray.
  18. Listen to music.
  19. Go for a walk
  20. Go to an expo ( Like the Women Empower  Expo in October)

Women Empower Expo 2016 will be in South Florida on October 15!

how to self care

Get More Info on Women Power Expo:

Website: http://womenempowerexpo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenempowerx
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenempowerx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WomenEmpowerx

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Don’t Buy Chicken at the Dollar Tree. Buy This Instead

what to buy at the dollar store

What’s Up With The Dollar Tree?

The Dollar Tree is the type of place you need to add to your bucket list. Ok, maybe don’t do all of that but definitely go check it out if for some reason you haven’t. Just know even when you guys see me on some 30 under 30 list  I’ll still be at the Dollar Tree buying batteries to put in my home theater seat warmer remote on the weekends.

There’s so much you can get for a dollar but this doesn’t mean everything is worth the purchase. Yesterday I found out they sell frozen chicken drumsticks, steak, and a variety of other foods that will either cause you to grow an extra arm or lose both of your big toes. But hey chicken being too cheap is truly a first world problem. Beyond the frozen food section, there are tons of useful products. Like party supplies, cleaning products, and it’s honestly your first stop if you’re moving into a new place and need to save money on EVERYTHING. But, don’t eat that chicken! There’s even a makeup area that you can sometimes find products you buy elsewhere anyway. I’d be wrong to tell you this entire section is worth a trip but after all, this is still the Dollar Tree. Please don’t show up and ball out with your last paycheck, be aware that some things are absolutely worth the higher price.

I buy all of Kaiden’s workbooks and learning posters here and there’s an aisle that happens to be perfect for teachers and stay at home moms. But, honestly if you’re a parent you need to be in this section religiously anyway.  However, I’ve managed to ignore these four particular shelves for years. What’s on the shelf you ask?


I’ve always been a reader but as you get older and have kids books turn into tv and sleep. Now that my little ones can be given a toy or tablet and leave me alone for a record time of 5 consecutive minutes I’m finding it easier to read these days. Of course, it’s still hard to get caught up in a storyline with a baby smacking every page you turn to but I make it work like Tim Gunn would say.

dollar tree books

Dollar Tree Books

I was actually shocked to see that the Dollar Tree sold books that were actually interesting. You know companies send those flyers in the mail claiming if you buy one book you get 5 free and all they need is your social security number, credit card information and fingerprints. Then you’d send them all your paperwork including a blood sample ( just to be sure) and in return, you’d get six books with Fabio staring intensely at some blonde draped in white sheets. I always assumed the Dollar Tree sold those kinds of books but instead of Fabio it was Fabian. To my surprise, the books are pretty legit. They even had a Piers Morgan book that I almost purchased until I remembered who Piers Morgan was. Thank god I caught on before I wasted a precious $1.06. I bought a coffee mug with it instead.

what to buy at dollar tree

If you have 5 extra minutes in your day, go grab a new book.I promise you won’t lose a limb! Unless, you buy that chicken.

Looking For a Cute Coffee Mug?

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Goaldiggers Should Audit the First Half of 2016


Hello June!

As we have come to the middle of 2016 faster than McDonalds running out of ice cream we have to wonder what will the next six months hold. The thing about goal-setting is, you never know the real timeline of the goals you set. You may want to buy that car, start that business or grow those edges in the next 6 months but god just might block all of that. Because everything happens in its time (that means there’s a right time for everything). This doesn’t mean stop setting those goals or creating those vision boards. How the hell else will you know what you’re doing with your adult life? Not only do you need to set goals but you need to audit them.

Auditing your goals means you have to investigate, survey, evaluate ( I sound like TD Jakes as I say these words BTW) and analyze what you been up to for an entire six months of your life. I know that six months felt like a Sunday night before a Monday morning work meeting but it happened and you need to be aware of how you’ve been living.  Auditing shouldn’t be as daunting as if we we’re discussing taxes. Just a quick and painless check to refuel you for the next six months.

Newsflash: In some crazy way the last six months of the year moves faster that the first. Stay woke!

So what did your favorite blogger( ME) do? I created a lil something something to help you audit your life. I heard goaldiggers love printables the way GOLDdiggers love paper(money). So get ya’ll lives and get into this free mid year goal audit printable. I made sure it wont suck all of you guys ink too. You’re welcome!

2016 Goals Audit

mid year life audit


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