The Super Easy Way to Find Last Minute Photographers

galaxy photoz



In a world where professional photography isn’t exclusive to the celebrities of the world the demand for good photographers is quite high. The average family is no longer impressed by department store photo packages and faux winter backdrops. It’s not that those photos are terrible but something about walking through your local mall in your dressy attire seems unappealing.  Also, your department store photographer isn’t meeting you at a location of your desire for a more picturesque photo.  As far as independent photographers, where are they? Not someone who purchased a pawnshop camera and said “How hard can it really be?” but the ones that treat you like Beyonce minus the money. Let’s be real Pinterest has your creative juices flowing and only the right photographer can help you avoid being the next victim of a meme.


If Beyonce said she needed a photoshoot this weekend,  in a garden and for x amount of dollars, someone would figure out how to make it happen. As for us regular folks, we go to the depressing third page of our Google search results feeling defeated and tempted to cancel the entire day to recover. However, there’s a solution to this problem.


Galaxy Photoz has created a way to provide vetted photographers on demand. It’s CEO Leanne Ferguson, is hoping to be the middleman between the photographer and the customer. Whether you need a last minute session or something booked in advance. All photographers are prescreened and fully capable of achieving your vision for a wide range of  photography types. This includes corporate events, maternity, newborn, cake smash, model portfolio (fashion photography), engagement, wedding, head shots, and portraits.

local photographer

How does the Uber of Photography Galaxy Photoz work?


  1. Photographers are put through a vetting process to ensure you get the best and quality service. Photographers interested in joining Galaxy Photoz can apply here.    
  2. You come up with your super dope idea and request a photographer via or the Galaxy Photoz app (launching June 2017).
  3. 1 to 3 photographers will respond to you immediately.
  4. Once you make the final decision and choose your photographer by viewing their previous work and rating,you’ll be able to speak to that photographer.
  5. After your appointment if booked the photographer WILL COME TO YOU on the agreed time.
  6. You will be able to view your photos and decide if they are up to par or require a re-shoot.


Simple right! If in the slight chance you aren’t satisfied they will re-shoot any non-event for free. Galaxy Photoz is making it super easy to find the photographer you need and when you need it. If you would like to support Galaxy Photoz in making this platform widely available you can support them at There are some awesome perks that come with your support!


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5 Major Things I Pray You Leave In 2016 Hoteps, Scams and More

2017 goals

The year 2016 was filled with so much greatness and yet so much nonsense. Like black stars killing it on tv and Trump killing the American dream all in the same year. Seeing as we can’t leave the new Pres. in 2016 let’s take a look at what we can forget and definitely should forget.

Leave in 2016…

1. Leave in 2016 reacting to every negative comment made by internet trolls, f.boys and petty bettys with too much time on their hands.

Please stop allowing attention seekers to get under your skin, I’ve been there and it’s not worth it. Some people live to see others react to their ignorance. Most of these people don’t even know they’re ignorant so arguing with them is truly a waste of time. In 2017 there will sadly still be hurt black men lashing out at black women, racist Caucasians amped by Trump and in denial of their privileges and bored individuals that never had anything except free wifi and a fake Facebook account. Ignore them and save your energy for positivity, thank me later.


2. Leave in 2016 being evil (rhymes with witches) and calling it Petty.

Speaking of petty bettys, many don’t know there’s a line between pettiness and being evil. A while back the celebrity gossip blog The Shade Room asked its followers what’s the pettiest thing they did in 2016. While some of the responses were hilarious I quickly realized some didn’t understand how inappropriate their behaviors were and calling it petty didn’t make it ok. One lady responded that she got pregnant by her husband’s friend and then had an abortion. Another admitted to throwing away someone’s mail for months so they’d fall behind on bills and mess up their credit. First things first, how dumb are you to not only do the crime but to admit it to the world all for laughs and likes. These situations are not what most would consider petty and I’m shocked at how easily people admit to these sorts of things and see no error in their ways. Y’all aren’t petty yall are simply horrible people. Let that go in 2016 and please do better.


3. Leave in 2016 relationship goals that have nothing to do with healthy relationships.

Everything is not a relationship goal!

Now I understand we’re all different and I shouldn’t judge what you want out of life. However, let’s do better in 2017 and let our relationship goals be bigger than memes, material things and couples doing basic everyday things. Yes, that photo of a loving couple holding hands in their luxury vehicle adorned in diamonds is cool but please dig deeper. And what I really mean is holding hands is not a goal and your future boo just might not have a Maserati and money for a 10 karat ring. Please don’t settle, however, be realistic in 2017. Also, end the couple prank videos already!!!


4. Leave in 2016 Pyramid Scheme Entrepreneurs

Please don’t hate me for this but joining a pyramid scheme does not make you your own boss. Please stop asking if I want to change my life and sell body wraps and no I don’t want to lose 3 inches in 30 minutes. I’m sure this side hustle as made many people some extra money and that money may have very well changed their life. However, I wouldn’t exactly consider selling someone else’s products in return for commission entrepreneurship. Just sell the wraps but please stop trying to sell these Be Your Own Boss dreams. Speaking of scamming, let’s also let that go. Stop trying to turn $20 into $400 via Instagram, you know that doesn’t make sense.




5. Leave in 2016 these Hoteps and Fauxteps.

In recent years, we’ve (in the black community) began to claim titles like king and queen and it sounds great until some of us get so caught up in being “royal” we treat others like peasants. First of all, there is no way in hell we were ALL kings and queens. Someone had to build pyramids, farm and feed the grapes to actual royalty. So while I love the message behind using king and queen Hoteps have to leave the fake royal lineage in 2016. If you don’t understand how crazy these people are their leader has convinced them a woman’s menstrual cycle is unnatural. They also believe a naked natural haired black woman is a god but a naked black woman with a weave is a hoe. See the problem?

hotep meme funny

I pray we can all make an effort to let go of these five things in 2017. What are some things you would like to leave in 2016?

Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas | Definitely Not For Your Average Girl | Gift Guide Part 2

Christmas gift ideas

Heyyy, I’m back with another gift guide! The first was dedicated to some really dope shoes and bags (on sale) and this one will inspire you to think a little outside the box. As much as we all would love the new iPhone and new additions to our wardrobes there’s nothing like receiving something with some real thought behind it. The kind of special things that no one else would enjoy except you. These are things we should give our family and friends. They’re unique and most importantly useful. Because there’s nothing worse than cashing out on a gift and knowing that person barely touches it.

Let’s get into this gift guide. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Women



unique Christmas gift guide


      1. This Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser is perfect for those that like create relaxing home environments. Give the gift of good smells with this diffuser!
      2. Where style meets travel! Luxe City Guides are great for ladies that love to travel in style. These guides can even inspire the inner wanderlust.
      3. Because regular metal spoons are for regular girls. Check out this Electroplated Flatware Set it’s definitely unique and useful.
      4. A rug that reminds her exactly what every woman should know when she looks in the mirror. This You Look Good rug needs to be in your shopping cart right now.
      5. Not your average notepads! Knock Knock Notepads  are the ultimate stationary and super cool for organizing your thoughts. Yes, stationery and journals makes for a great gift!
christmas gift guide


6.This decanter is more than useful if that’s possible. Even if she doesn’t drink The Hard Stuff she’ll appreciate it as a fabulous decor option.

7. Cards Against Humanity aka a party game for horrible people. Sounds like a good time right! Get This.

8. I’m Outta Here is a passport holder for fly travelnistas. Maybe grab those Luxe City Guides too?

What are you waiting for GO SHOP!

Gift Guide Review

Breaking Games Cards Against Humanity • $25
Knock Knock Shit-List Sticky Notes • Knock Knock • $5
Knock Knock Need-To-Talk Sticky Notes • Knock Knock • $5
Knock Knock What I Love Note Pad • Knock Knock • $8
Gift Boutique The Master Plan Journal • $22
LUXE City Guides – Fashion Gift Box – Black • $60
LUXE City Guides – Asia Gift Box – White • $60
12-Piece Electroplated Flatware Set • Urban Outfitters • $59
VOTIVO ‘Soziety’ Aromatic Reed Diffuser • Votivo • $44
Gift Boutique Hard Stuff Decanter • $60 I’m Outta Here Passport Holder • $24
Plum & Bow You Look Good Bath Mat • Plum & Bow • $34

Part 3 ( Beauty Edition) coming Thursday!


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Evolution of Weddings,Dancing Brides and Forever Duncan

forever duncan

Every girl has her dream wedding perfectly planned in her head and sometimes overly planned via Pinterest. Even if she’s single, has been for 10 years and her idea of date night involves 26 episodes of a cancelled show via Netflix. As a child, she may have dreamed of a huge white princess dress, hundreds of emotional guest and prince charming smiling like he’s genuinely happy to be there. Then by her teens, it becomes something super romantic, super expensive and super unlikely. And finally when she passes her dream happily married age she’s willing to settle for just the husband. The reality is a Justice of the Peace ceremony could be the beginning of forever and a grand wedding at fancy Chateaux Wecanliveinmyparentsbasement can end within the first year. Especially if you spend all your saving on the wedding and force him to live in your parent’s basement.

Now this is not a post telling you to kill the big wedding dream, just trap the man and live happily ever after. This is more about the evolution of weddings and doing what the hell you want. We live in a beautiful era where traditional is almost lame but I totally respect you if that’s your thing. A couple can get married in a courthouse, a barn, a forest or a fast food joint and people are just surprised they got that far. Ok, honestly truly don’t get married in a fast food joint that level of ratchetness is never acceptable.

Have you noticed how more couples are tailoring their big day to their personalities and making it less about pleasing everyone else? It’s crazy because when they choose to throw away the checklist of what makes a perfect wedding their guest tend to enjoy it more. Like food trucks, pizza bars or a delivery from a local burger spot instead just poorly made chicken or salmon dishes. Yes, it’s unconventional and probably not cheap but if I went into a reception with an authentic taco bar I might actually bring a gift. How about full out dance performances by the bridal party or sometimes the bride and groom. Check out this viral video of Melissa Molinaro dancing to Lil Mo and Beyonce for her new hubby below. She’s not the first to do it but I can’t deny this was an amazing performance.

Bride Dancing To Beyonce

Even if you don’t have thousands to spend, dancing abilities and access to the best venues, nothing beats a lot of creativity and personality executed flawlessly. To see weddings become more about families stepping into the couple’s world and not some formula of what their world suppose to look like is a beautiful thing. Even seeing men being equally interested in that day is refreshing. Sometimes even planning the entire thing without their partners knowing like in the Forever Duncan wedding.


I’m not sure if you saw the #foreverduncan hashtag by now but it will definitely make a thug cry. This wonderful man Alfred Duncan proposed to his girlfriend Sherrell and then set up her so she can look amazing for a photo shoot that turned out to be her wedding day. Check out that very emotional video below.

What a time to be alive! Sherrell even got married in a black dress. That just goes to show how much we’ve evolved. Again she’s also not the first to do it, however doing what the hell you want is the new norm and I love it. Black, blush, taupe, red and ombre are some of the popular alternatives to traditional wedding gown colors. However, the colors aren’t the only thing changing the dresses are getting super sexy, sheer and will probably raise your grandma’s blood pressure a bit. I’ve also noticed cowboy boots and Converses become the norm. Even more recently someone is trying to make wedged bridal sneakers a thing and now I have to mention that there is a line. The line is at wedged bridal sneakers! I’m not going to give wedding or marriage advice for the obvious reasons, HOWEVER, please don’t do anything you’ll look back on and cry about such as:

  1. Spend all your money.
  2. Conform to everyone’s ideas.
  3. Wear wedged bridal sneakers.

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What’s In a Pop Sugar Must Have Box? Love it or Hate It?

Nothing like opening your front door and seeing that a box of goodies have arrived. I throw my bills somewhere for the kids to find (& hid) and focus on what’s really important, Pop Sugar’s Septemper Must Have Box. You should be excited too because I’m about to break down exactly what’s inside this months box. First, let me give you the tea on why Pop Sugar’s subscription box is everything.

1. Full sized products.

2. Variety – You get a little beauty, fashion, food and more

3. Quality everything.

4. Discover new brands!

5. Treat Yo’self every month. You deserve it.

Pop Sugar sent me this box and it’s only right I share it with all of you. Are you ready ?

What’s in Pop Sugar’s Must Have Box

1. The perfect fall hat from Jack & Lucy. It’s even adjustable! Check out the details below. Retail: $58

jack & lucy hat

2. A deep conditioning hair mask from Briogeo. It smells amazing and has no sulfates, silicones or parabens which are perfect for my natural hair and really good for any hair type. It also has avocado, sweet almond and argan oil, B5 and biotin!!! FULL REVIEW. Retail: $36

natural deep conditioning mask

3. Lip Lacquer from Smith & Cult. You know I live for good lip. The shade is called The Warning which is a gorgeous red that I can’t wait to wear. The packaging is beautiful as well! Look out for my full review and makeup look. Retail: $22

shiny red lip gloss
4. Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites by The Gluten Free Bites. Talk about guilt free! Everyone can enjoy these vegan, gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, soy free, guilt free snacks. I thought they’d be disgusting, to be honest, but to my surprise they’re delicious! Retail: $4.99

gluten free snacks

5. Retractable Lint Roller From Flint. This is great for traveling or throwing in your everyday bag. I love that the sticky paper is protected so you can get more use out of it. Retail: $9.99

retractable lint roller

6. Manicure Kit (named Mani-ER) from NCLA. Another item perfect for travel or your everyday bag. It comes in a really cute red case and includes all the tools you need in a nail emergency. Retail: $16

manicure kit


I hope you’re ready to get one of your own, you won’t regret it! Check out all they’re options here and remember to hashtag #musthavebox when you share it with your friends.

Also if you use promo code SHOP5 you’ll receive $5 off your first box!

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Collect Experiences Not Things | Top 25 Bucket List Ideas

creative bucket list

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Having a bucket list is like a gym membership after New Years. Everyone is excited to have one but the moment it’s time to do the work the novelty wears off. You have to admit to yourself that sitting at home watching Netflix is not satisfying enough and deep down inside of you is a wanderlust or someone who simply wants more. It’s a lot to realize that all of this time you’ve been happy and content about the simplest things and you’ve haven’t even experienced the real good stuff yet. So you grab a pen and paper and write down that you want to go zip lining and it feels so good to see it and not just think it. Then you continue with your list mentioning a Broadway show and it seems realistic enough that it really gets you thinking. Next thing you know you’re imagining yourself riding an elephant is some beautiful country in southeast Asia and at that moment things get scary. Writing out a bucket list doesn’t seem so fun anymore. But scary is good! It means that you’re thinking outside of your comfort zone. If you didn’t already know it, everything worthwhile is right outside your comfort zone.


I wrote my first bucket list maybe 5 years ago. Ninety percent of that list wasn’t in my budget but of course that didn’t matter. I was barely 20, a little naive and as far as I was concerned I’d be able to travel to Spain for La Tomatina, float in the Dead Sea, and complete a 5k with no problems. That’s the thing about being young, you still dream fearlessly and nothing seems unattainable. Over the years I misplaced that bucket list but I never lost the need to check off those items. Yeah, I’m still young but for every year that passes on the couch binge watching another drama series doubt starts to set in. Will I ever get around to seeing Santorini and ice skating or will motherhood and contentment keep me comfortable?

top bucket list ideas

Santorini, Greece

Collect Experiences and Not Things

The thing is I realized those are just excuses. Motherhood, getting older, being too tired.. they’re all excuses. When you want something you go for it and do whatever it takes to achieve it. And a bucket list isn’t just some cute thing to write down and talk about. If I didn’t actually want to accomplish my goals they wouldn’t have been thoughts I thought deserved to be written down. There’s this saying that goes “collect experiences and not things.” I love this saying because, how often do we spend money and have nothing to show for it. But, when you experience things you’ll always have those memories and stories to repeat forever until someone begs you to stop telling it.


Top 25 Bucket List Items

Here is the top twenty-five things I want to do before I die.

  1. Go Ice Skating
  2. Attend Fashion Week Events
  3. Go Wine Tasting
  4. See a Broadway Musical
  5. Go on a Road Trip
  6. Attend a Formal Ball
  7. Visit Italy, Greece, Australia, Japan, Cuba, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan & India
  8. Color Run
  9. Go on a Retreat
  10. Take a Cooking Class
  11. Go Zip Lining
  12. Start a nonprofit
  13. Become a Yogi
  14. Go to the Superbowl
  15. Write a Book
  16. Go to Mardi Gras
  17. Visit every major city in the United States
  18. Have a small acting role
  19. Sit in the studio  audience of a show
  20. Start a Garden
  21. Go on Royal Caribbean’s  Harmony of the Seas
  22. Go Rock Climbing
  23. Experience an Escape Room
  24. Have a Spa Day
  25. Go to a Boxing Matching

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Youth Center In Chicago Being Shut Down | The Dream Center Seeking Support

the dream center

Today in social media news is finally a story that definitely needs to be heard. A story about women making positive and inspiring moves within Chicago in hopes to keep the youth off the streets. Something that’s often complained about but not supported enough. The Dream Center was built without grants or handouts and now may possibly be coming to an end. Check Out Beyonca Johnson (co-owner of The Dream Center) full statement below:

 “I spent over 250k Cash of my own money to build a community center for our youth and I’m getting evicted in 15 days!

Myself and HollyRock Medley built one of the best youth centers in Chicago with my own money. Not grant money, not money from corporations but over $200,000 of my VERY OWN MONEY. I just came from court getting evicted from my youth center bc I have no funding yet to get this place going and I’ve been holding down 10k a month overhead for well over a year.

I am a 501c3 organization. I feed kids every day, out my pocket. I created a Haven for them. I have my time and service. I am overwhelmed with sadness and to watch what I built so amazing be taken away from me when I’m saving lives every day.

I can count on 1 finger how many people donated to us. Dropped off food, or a package of $5.00 waters. These pastors get million dollar grants for youth programs and they don’t even have youth. I’m saving he’d boys who people think are bad. They’re not bad they just want love, attention, somewhere to be. My center isn’t just for youth it’s for adults who need encouragement, who wants to start a business, who needs to seek their dreams.

Now I’m struggling and in the hole. Broke as hell because I built a youth center to save our youth. We’re doomed… Our young generation is doomed bc I see that not really many people care. I get Facebook likes, and messages about me doing good but no one comes and volunteers, drop of $10 or try to contribute.

My center has 25 Apple computers I bought on my own not donated by Apple. I have PlayStation, Xbox, 10 televisions I bought myself, basketball rim, basketballs I bought myself and everything else. But because I’m not in the political cliques, I’m not a pastor, I’m not throwing grown and sexy parties then no one cares. But when these kids continue keep killing one another and until it affects someone in your household, when they start robbing and carjacking because they’re hungry and broke. I can say I tried. I tried so hard I really did.

My landlord of my property has an empty storefront right next door to me and it’s been empty since I leased the place and he wants to try to put my youth center out after I put over 50k in improvements of his facility. I put in new walls, floors, bathroom, all electrical, electrical lights, ceiling, plumbing, the works! He can’t wait until at least one grant comes successful.

I’m venting and I’m sad but hey I’m not embarrassed bc I’m losing my place. It’s a Non-profit for youth not a for profit. What I am embarrassed is that 4 doors down is a restaurant/bar owned by my landlord and our successful black people party there every Tuesday and they walk pass my center and they Come in and my youth gives them tours and tell them how we save their lives. They say OMG this place is amazing I commend you sisters for what you’re doing, I’ve never seen anything like this before but then they have never reached in their pocket and gave us $5.00 but they go few doors down and drink, and stand around and see has more than who when our kids are dying in these streets.

It’s not just my lost, it’s our black community’s lost. I can not believe how selfish the world is! Crazy thing is the landlord can write everything off bc I’m a charitable organization but I clearly understand now it’s not even about the rent he doesn’t want the youth there.

It would mean the world to me.
Please take a look at my page…

#dreamcenter #chicagoyouth

The Dream Center

chicago youth center

chicago youth center

How Can You Help The Dream Center

They are hoping to raise 50k and so far have around 6k and I hope you find it in your heart to support The Dream Center.  Read their GoFundMe page for more about the center and how you can help.

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