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how to make vision boards that really work

10 Tips For Creating A Vision Board That Really Works

 How to Make Vision Boards That Really Work 1. The most important thing you can do before creating a vision board is learning about yourself. Take the time to really pinpoint who you are, what is it that you need and want and how you plan to get it. Clipping out random images of things you find pretty will not motivate if they mean nothing to you. Of course, you want the final project to be beautiful but don’t lose sight of the message.  …

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best car buying tips

Don’t Buy Your Next Car Until You Read This

How to Buy a Car *Sponsored Post Armed with confusing math formulas, British literature and a basic understanding of physics many are thrown into the real world barely needing any of these things. It doesn’t matter if your formal school days were 2 years ago or 20 years ago irritating is realizing all those research projects didn’t make you any better at finding reliable transportation of your own. Isn’t owning your own vehicle slightly more useful than understanding Shakespeare? Maybe you were expected to recite…

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galaxy photoz

The Super Easy Way to Find Last Minute Photographers

    In a world where professional photography isn’t exclusive to the celebrities of the world the demand for good photographers is quite high. The average family is no longer impressed by department store photo packages and faux winter backdrops. It’s not that those photos are terrible but something about walking through your local mall in your dressy attire seems unappealing.  Also, your department store photographer isn’t meeting you at a location of your desire for a more picturesque photo.  As far as independent photographers,…

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2017 goals

5 Major Things I Pray You Leave In 2016 Hoteps, Scams and More

The year 2016 was filled with so much greatness and yet so much nonsense. Like black stars killing it on tv and Trump killing the American dream all in the same year. Seeing as we can’t leave the new Pres. in 2016 let’s take a look at what we can forget and definitely should forget. Leave in 2016… 1. Leave in 2016 reacting to every negative comment made by internet trolls, f.boys and petty bettys with too much time on their hands. Please stop allowing…

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Christmas gift ideas

Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas | Definitely Not For Your Average Girl | Gift Guide Part 2

Heyyy, I’m back with another gift guide! The first was dedicated to some really dope shoes and bags (on sale) and this one will inspire you to think a little outside the box. As much as we all would love the new iPhone and new additions to our wardrobes there’s nothing like receiving something with some real thought behind it. The kind of special things that no one else would enjoy except you. These are things we should give our family and friends. They’re unique and most importantly useful. Because…

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forever duncan

Evolution of Weddings,Dancing Brides and Surprise Weddings

Every girl has her dream wedding perfectly planned in her head and sometimes overly planned via Pinterest. Even if she’s single, has been for 10 years and her idea of date night involves 26 episodes of a cancelled show via Netflix. As a child, she may have dreamed of a huge white princess dress, hundreds of emotional guest and prince charming smiling like he’s genuinely happy to be there. Then by her teens, it becomes something super romantic, super expensive and super unlikely. And finally when she passes her dream…

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What’s In a Pop Sugar Must Have Box? Love it or Hate It?

Nothing like opening your front door and seeing that a box of goodies have arrived. I throw my bills somewhere for the kids to find (& hid) and focus on what’s really important, Pop Sugar’s Septemper Must Have Box. You should be excited too because I’m about to break down exactly what’s inside this months box. First, let me give you the tea on why Pop Sugar’s subscription box is everything. 1. Full sized products. 2. Variety – You get a little beauty, fashion, food…

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