Kylie Jenner 2017 How Will She Annoy Us Next


The Semi-Kardashian’s are currently under fire for finding new ways to be problematic. Today, social media exploded when images emerged of t-shirts that once represented legendary artists like Biggie and Tupac now covered with images of America’s favorite culture vultures, Kendall, and Kylie. They, like the rest of their sisters, often date black men apart of the hip hop community and happen to be relatives of Kayne West. Which leaves many confused that no one warned them that this was a terrible idea.

Sharon Osbourne Claps Back at Kendall and Kylie

Sharon Osbourne caught wind of shirt which shows an image of Ozzy Osbourne with Kendall’s face plastered on top. Her response was simply beautiful. Sharon said “Girl’s you haven’t earned the right to put your face with musical icons. Stick to what you know …lipgloss.”  Yass Sharon!!

Sharon Osbourne reacts to khardasian Jenner Kylie Kendall

Kelly Speaks..

Later Kelly Osbourne shared her thoughts in an equally shady way that I can completely respect.

Kelly Osbourne reacts to Kylie Kendall Jenner khardasian comments


Biggie’s Mother Says The Kendall & Kylie are Disrespectful

Voletta Wallace mother of the legend Biggie also chimed in let us know the family has no affiliation with these “vintage tees”, Kendall and Kylie are disrespectful and had no permission to use his images. You can read the full read below. However, Biggies daughter Tyanna states people make Biggie tees every day.

Voletta Wallace Kylie Kendall vintage tshirt

Suge Knight Threatens Tyga From Prison

Even Suge Knight chimed in and ended his comment with a threat to Tyga which is not shocking at all. What’s a Suge Knight statement without a threat right? Although we all thought Suge Knight was in prison, for the purpose of this post we’ll ignore that. Also, no one cares enough to save Tyga.

Suge knights threathens Tyga Kylie Kendall khardasian Jenner

Where Can You Buy Kendall & Kylie Vintage T-shirts?

Nowhere! They felt that pressure and gave the usual apology they have saved in their phones and then pulled the shirts from being sold. I’m not sure why some of you were willing to pay $125 for two mediocre white girls blocking iconic images of actual legend but I’m happy you were saved from the embarrassment of wearing them in public. Ladies if you want to capitalize on your fame just sell t-shirts with only your faces and stop trying to tie black culture into everything you do. Thanks!

Trends For Summer 2017 Toe Ring Sandals

where to buy toe ring sandals

Toe ring sandals are on trend..again. This summer 2017 trend will possibly make its way back to your closet. As long as you aren’t reintroducing an actual toe ring to your wardrobe then I’m all for these cute sandals. Just like with any trend, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. However, today we’ll focus on the good and keep the summer 17′ vibes positive. Check out these toe ring sandals that you may consider wearing this summer.

Remember to keep those toes cute ladies because your big toe is the star of show this summer (words I thought i’d never say).

Toe Ring Sandals


toe ring sandals


1. Figue Scaramouche Toe Ring Sandals 

2. Sam Edelman Toe Ring Sandal




toe ring sandals



3. Thalia Sodi Joya Toe-Ring Flat Sandals

4. G by Guess Toe Ring Sandals



black toe ring sandals

5. Elina Linardaki for FWRD Toe Ring Sandals
6. Ancient Greek Toe Ring Sandals


toe ring sandals


7. Figue Scaramouche Toe Ring Sandals
8. Free People Torrence Toe Ring Sandals

Are You Feeling This Toe Ring Sandal Trend?

Romper Male Fashion Trend Did Fashion Take His Balls

summer man trendy romper

Male Fashion is Changing the Dynamics of Your Relationship.

First, the man bun and now we’ve moved on to one of the few styles we all thought men would never touch, a romper. Yes ladies, this summer you just may see a few bold men, legs out and rompered up. It’s actually been nicknamed romphim in order to protect the masculinity of its wearer. Only God knows what would happen if a man wore a romper instead of a romphim! Would the world end? We’ll never know.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend
No worries ladies your relationship will more than likely survive another man trend and he will still be male if he chooses to indulge in the romphim life.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend

Is this look for everyone? God no! Most and I mean MOST men should never even consider this trend. Rompers naturally despise 50% of people’s body types anyway. It’s a fact look it up. And then there’s the reality of peeing in public. Women know this struggle all too well. If you’re not prepared to see your romphim around your ankles in public, skip this trend. It’s my understanding that full booty out in a men’s bathroom is against man rules.

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend

The real question is, are the fellas ready to get cat called all summer long? This kind of thing comes with the territory! “Hey, lil daddy in the romphim let me get your number!”

Romper for men romphim men's fashion trend
Who’s ready for romphim summer?

Ugly Ass Shoes Are They Worth Your Rent Money?

ugliest shoes heels sandals in america world
ugly shoes

The Ugliest Shoes Money Can Buy

I can envision Rihanna slaying the Gucci latex socks and shoe combo or Beyonce in the Dolce & Gabbana pineapple joints. How about any quirky girl who believes in unicorns(no judgement) werking the Dolce & Gabbana  fringed mary janes! See, even ugly shoes have their audience. Is it worth your rent money? Girl… Look I wouldn’t risk it because I like a shoe that can be hot in 2008 or 2018. But hey you do what you want when you poppin’! Now let me walk you through these 5 ugly shoes and you can let know if its worth the price. If you’re a dope girl that can wear anything this may just be your kind of shoe post.


  1. Miu Miu Embellished Platform Sandals , Price:$1,190


Miu Miu Embellished Platform Sandals


Yay or Nay


MOSCHINO Ma1011cg13mg045a


Yay or Nay

Gucci Sandal With Removable Latex Sock


Yay or Nay

4. Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Leather Mary Jane Pumps, Price: $1,175

Dolce & Gabbana Embellished leather Mary Jane pumps

Yay or Nay

5. Dolce & Gabbana Pineapple Sandals, Price: $1,995


Dolce & Gabbana Pineapple Sandals


Yay or Nay

Met Gala 2017 Best Dressed Top Ten List

best dressed met gala

Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

The Met Gala is a huge night for fashion. It’s also a night that often gets misunderstood by the average person. “WTF is she wearing”, words from a woman sporting an old bleached out t-shirt from high school and three holes in her underwear. I may or may not be that woman.

To read more and see the complete list at  Bytch Be

Early Christmas Shopping? Here’s Whats On Sale Right Now | Gift Guide Part 1

trendy Christmas gifts

Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening

Now that it’s November it’s time to prepare for the only holiday that really counts right? You better be shaking your head yes because it’s time to plan those ugly Christmas sweaters and sing ALLL I WANT FOR CHRISTMASSS IS YOUUU *cues beat*. Ok, guys maybe it’s too soon for all of that. But, you know what it’s not too soon for Christmas shopping!

Don’t you just hate last minute shoppers? On one hand, you can’t judge because not every has money to waste on  gifts (to later be returned) and then on the next you’re like “You knew it was coming”. Don’t be a last minute shopper this year. Get those gifts while the deals are hot! Don’t even wait around for Black Friday because shivving someone for a 75 inch TV for your toddler is not the reason for the season.

8 Things Any Fashionable Women Would Want For Christmas

Or you can totally buy for yourself while they’re all on sale NOW.


Chirstmas Gift Guide


  1. These brown Dolce Vita booties are a must have. In this brown shade, they can be worn with almost anything!
  2. Ash Joy’s slip-on sneakers are perfect for women who are a little fearless about fashion and any teen girl would love these as well.
  3. For women who carry their world in one bag and insist that it be cute, grab this Micheal Kors satchel while it’s on sale.
  4. Yes, she want’s Kate Spade and this gorgeous leather satchel is exactly what she needs.
  5. These gray boots are hot and the details are hotter but they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Check out these booties by Steve Madden!
  6. Flats are a closet staple and these Sam Edelman flats would fit right in!
  7. Rebecca Minkoff and fringe is where you cannot go wrong, trust me!
  8. These black over the knee boots by Steve Madden deserve to be under your tree. If you aren’t saving trees this year at least save a life and grab these boots. They’re on sale!

Come back next week Monday for Part 2 of this gift guide. I’ll be focusing on unique gifts that would surprise anyone! If you enjoyed this post please share!

Gift Guide 2016 Review

Rebecca Minkoff Jon Leather Fringe Crossbody Bag, Butter Rum • Rebecca Minkoff • $116
MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Satchel Bag, Sky • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $178
Ash Joy Slip On Sneakers • Ash • $157.50
Steve Madden ‘Glorria’ Block Heel Bootie • Steve Madden • $89.96
Kate Spade New York ‘cedar Street – Maise’ Leather Satchel • Kate Spade • $199.66
Dolce Vita ‘Conway’ Bootie • Dolce Vita • $113.96
Sam Edelman Francis Flats • Sam Edelman • $84–90
Steve Madden ‘Eternul’ Over the Knee Block Heel Boot • Steve Madden • $101.96