Easy Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Cute Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Quick Hairstyles For Short Natual Hair


Natural haired girls know best the struggle that comes with dealing with short natural hair. Styling can be a pain in the ass but this is not solely due to its length. If anything its the lack of creativity and often realizing that recreating a style you found on Instagram is often something best left to a professional. However, believe it or not, there are tons of looks you can recreate from the comfort of your home. As long as you’re realistic with your skills and don’t attempt any style that common sense tells you requires advanced experience.

For example, you wouldn’t attempt an intricate undercut in your bathroom because it has the highest potential to go left. You know better so you would avoid DIYing that particular style. The best advice I can give on styling short natural hair at home is to keep it simple and cute. Stick to products you know have never failed you and try techniques that don’t require tons of tools. By tools I mean, straighteners, curling irons or hair clippers. Unless you know how to use these tools AND avoid heat damage or an uneven hair cut, I would steer clear.

Cute Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Cute Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Things as simple as parting your hair differently, working with pins to secure hair and form new shapes or using different techniques to create unique textures can all be done at home. Finger coils, wash n go’s,  twist outs, bantu knots, palm rolling and perm rods can all help switch up your look with ease. Of course, some styles are more time consuming than others but with a little practice, the end results are near perfect.

Wetline Xtreme Gel Short Hairstyles For Black Women 2017

Check out how I style this short tapered hair cut using Wetline Xtreme Gel.



makeup tutorial for back women


Are you keeping up with the latest beauty trends? Makeup artist, beauty lovers, and your favorite beauty gurus are raving over this reversed way to apply your makeup. Yes, I know you’ve just figured out the basics and just like that someone claims they have an improved version of your beauty routine. Lucky for you this new trend is pretty simple and painless.

Powder Before Foundation 

Using a translucent powder before applying foundation is said to create a flawless face and combat any excess oils you may accumulate throughout the day. But, does it work? Check out my new makeup tutorial where I test this trend out and give my honest feedback.

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Where to Find Affordable Wigs For Black Women Online

cheap color lace wigs
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Protective Styling & The Wig

How many articles have you read about protective styling? A lot right. By now we know the how’s, the why’s and the when’s but it’s something about the where’s that never seem to be quite enough. Don’t get me wrong we can probably buy virgin hair at a gas station these days but, where the hell can we find everything else? Side note: Say no to gas station weave!

For those seeking the easiest protective style known to man there are wigs. But let’s be real when we think of wigs you don’t often think beautiful, natural or youthful. Many of us hear wig and think grandma and her “special occasion” hair and no one really wants to look like grandma.


Two months ago the question “Why do people hate synthetic wigs?” was asked to a Facebook group of over 156,000 natural haired women (and men). For those that choose to comment some felt that synthetic wigs can look like plastic and unnatural. However, so many women were happy to show off their unique and on trend styles. They mentioned that although wigs, especially of the synthetic variety, were often associated with negative terms most people would never actually guess that their wigs were synthetic in the first place. What does that say about the evolution of wigs? You couldn’t possibly look like grandma at bingo with the quality and styles that are being created today. But what we still need to tackle is THE WHERE.

Where can we find fabulous and affordable wigs?

Divatress wants you to “Feel like a diva. Be a diva.” They are an eCommerce beauty store that provides tons of products right at your finger tips. Many black women have issues finding good beauty supply stores that provide a wide variety of products and this site definitely gets the job done! I know we discussed synthetic wigs however, if you’re still not sold they also offer human hair options.

Check out these photos from Divatress site. Also there new items here:WHAT’S NEW

short side part afforadable wig

blue ombre synthetic lace wig

affordable curly synthetic lace front wig

long straight human hair wig cheap


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Easy Cut Crease Hack: How to Get the Look Without the Stress

how to cut crease hack

Guess who’s back! Today I’m bringing you a new makeup tutorial and I have to say I really enjoyed doing this look. I’ve been improving tremendously with my Youtube videos and it’s pretty obvious if you’ve ever seen my very first makeup tutorial. I have to say it was honestly a mess, however, this new video is probably one of my best. Below you can check out my cut crease makeup tutorial via my YouTube channel which I would appreciate if you subscribed. This look was low-key inspired by Beyonce’s maternity shoot. #beyhive


I’m basically demonstrating how I created a shimmery blue cut crease with a bit of a purple smokey eye. Cut creasing can be a task so this look is all about the effect and none of the stress. Please enjoy and remember to like, subscribe and comment with positivity.

Cut Crease With Eyeliner

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Brand New Makeup Brushes Review + Rose Gold Makeup of the Day

Bad makeup brushes will ruin your best beauty moments. Imagine you’ve completely mastered the look you want only to realize your selfies say otherwise. Little pieces of bristles stuck to your face or areas that are horribly blended are what happens when your tools aren’t up to par. Yes, this is embarrassing however completely avoidable. See I don’t believe expensive brushes are a necessity as long as you take care of your tools. This includes remembering to discard them when they begin to fall apart and being careful of which products you use to clean them. Harsh chemicals are always a NO, they will destroy the adhesive keeping the bristles together. The thing is, before you have an opportunity to take care of your brushes you kind of need to buy brushes first right.

My Goodies

Z’OREYA Cosmetics reached out and wanted me to check out their products and share my honest thoughts with my YouTube viewers. And that’s exactly what I did. You can check my thoughts and unboxing of my Z’OREYA goodies below. Because, I wanted my review to be 100% honest I even did my makeup on camera with my new brushes!

Makeup Brush Review




New Video Single Braid Crochet Silk Locs Review | Story Time Silk Locs & the Stolen iPhone

crochet silk locs

Last week I finally decided to try faux locs and things didn’t go exactly as planned. But in the end, it was all worth it because I now feel like a 2017 caucasian with my fake dreads and super confidence. I’d also like to thank Joanna the Scammer for giving caucasian so much new meaning. Now let me tell you guys about my journey to Jafakin (a play on Jamaican if you missed that) and my new favorite protective style.  The new video is at the end of this post!


Story Time: Silk Locs & the Stolen iPhone

I looked in the mirror last week and said, “It’s time .” In the most dramatic way possible I snatched my baby girl up and burst out the door heading straight to the beauty supply store. This is necessary because I change my mind quite often and didn’t want to risk it.  In search of a brand featured in a youtube video and simultaneously mouthing “you better not run” to my kid, I came across the only faux locs available. I was feeling discouraged because I’ve never heard of this particular brand but the flyer said it was on sale which instantly made me happy again. You know how cheap impulse shoppers are if there was a sale sign on a paper clip we’d find a reason to buy it.

I made my purchase and skipped out the store, checking for all the important things like my phone, my keys, and my baby. Here is where things get real. I couldn’t find my brand new iPhone! I’m panicking and telling myself go ahead and cry a little but the other me is like storm back in there looking crazy and scared. Guess who won? So I ran back in the store looking like I had just escaped captivity and didn’t know my name or location. The cashier is like, “Are you ok” and I replied “No, I can’t find my phone! Another worker asked for my number so he could call the phone and of course I don’t know my own number. Don’t ask.

So, I left the store and rushed my behind home like I left something on the stove on. The entire time I’m thinking “I bet it was that chick that looked at me, or maybe the cashier took it, yeah it was that damn cashier”. I was convinced when I got home I was going on Find My iPhone and who ever had was going to PRISON. Ok a little dramatic, but you guys don’t know what I’ve been through. I dropped my last iPhone in the toilet and my temporary phone was so bootleg I could only fit 2 Apps on it. Anyway, the minute I opened my front door I noticed my phone sitting on the table, comfortably and apparently not the cashier’s pocket. So now I’m apologizing to all the people I blamed for stealing my phone, kissing my baby (the real one) and saying a silent prayer.

All this for four packs of faux silk locs. This is 2017. And this is my new Vlog reviewing Afri Naptural Silk Dreads.

Single Braid Crochet Silk Locs Review