Where to Find Affordable Wigs For Black Women Online

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Protective Styling & The Wig

How many articles have you read about protective styling? A lot right. By now we know the how’s, the why’s and the when’s but it’s something about the where’s that never seem to be quite enough. Don’t get me wrong we can probably buy virgin hair at a gas station these days but, where the hell can we find everything else? Side note: Say no to gas station weave!

For those seeking the easiest protective style known to man there are wigs. But let’s be real when we think of wigs you don’t often think beautiful, natural or youthful. Many of us hear wig and think grandma and her “special occasion” hair and no one really wants to look like grandma.


Two months ago the question “Why do people hate synthetic wigs?” was asked to a Facebook group of over 156,000 natural haired women (and men). For those that choose to comment some felt that synthetic wigs can look like plastic and unnatural. However, so many women were happy to show off their unique and on trend styles. They mentioned that although wigs, especially of the synthetic variety, were often associated with negative terms most people would never actually guess that their wigs were synthetic in the first place. What does that say about the evolution of wigs? You couldn’t possibly look like grandma at bingo with the quality and styles that are being created today. But what we still need to tackle is THE WHERE.

Where can we find fabulous and affordable wigs?

Divatress wants you to “Feel like a diva. Be a diva.” They are an eCommerce beauty store that provides tons of products right at your finger tips. Many black women have issues finding good beauty supply stores that provide a wide variety of products and this site definitely gets the job done! I know we discussed synthetic wigs however, if you’re still not sold they also offer human hair options.

Check out these photos from Divatress site. Also there new items here:WHAT’S NEW

short side part afforadable wig

blue ombre synthetic lace wig

affordable curly synthetic lace front wig

long straight human hair wig cheap


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Easy Cut Crease Hack: How to Get the Look Without the Stress

how to cut crease hack

Guess who’s back! Today I’m bringing you a new makeup tutorial and I have to say I really enjoyed doing this look. I’ve been improving tremendously with my Youtube videos and it’s pretty obvious if you’ve ever seen my very first makeup tutorial. I have to say it was honestly a mess, however, this new video is probably one of my best. Below you can check out my cut crease makeup tutorial via my YouTube channel which I would appreciate if you subscribed. This look was low-key inspired by Beyonce’s maternity shoot. #beyhive


I’m basically demonstrating how I created a shimmery blue cut crease with a bit of a purple smokey eye. Cut creasing can be a task so this look is all about the effect and none of the stress. Please enjoy and remember to like, subscribe and comment with positivity.

Cut Crease With Eyeliner

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Brand New Makeup Brushes Review + Rose Gold Makeup of the Day

Bad makeup brushes will ruin your best beauty moments. Imagine you’ve completely mastered the look you want only to realize your selfies say otherwise. Little pieces of bristles stuck to your face or areas that are horribly blended are what happens when your tools aren’t up to par. Yes, this is embarrassing however completely avoidable. See I don’t believe expensive brushes are a necessity as long as you take care of your tools. This includes remembering to discard them when they begin to fall apart and being careful of which products you use to clean them. Harsh chemicals are always a NO, they will destroy the adhesive keeping the bristles together. The thing is, before you have an opportunity to take care of your brushes you kind of need to buy brushes first right.

My Goodies

Z’OREYA Cosmetics reached out and wanted me to check out their products and share my honest thoughts with my YouTube viewers. And that’s exactly what I did. You can check my thoughts and unboxing of my Z’OREYA goodies below. Because, I wanted my review to be 100% honest I even did my makeup on camera with my new brushes!

Makeup Brush Review




Beauty Gift Guide | The Perfect Gifts For Beauty Lovers Under $50

makeup gift sets

Back again with the third gift guide and this time it’s all things beauty. Beauty isn’t just perfect matte lips and wing liner but those things are always appreciated. Beauty related gifts can be tools like brushes and makeup bags, skincare and bath products, the obvious (actual makeup) and even hair related things. If there’s a beauty addict in your life and you’re stuck on what to buy remember that a true beauty addict will appreciate anything except the wrong foundation shade and of course low quality products. Think quality of quantity! One eye shadow palette that comes highly recommended is so much better than an abundance of random things you found.

Christmas Shopping On a Budget

If the money isn’t there to spend then don’t even worry about it. There are so many amazing affordable brands that give you great quality at great prices. And if someone can’t appreciate you’re effort, budget or not, then skip them. Yup, just skip right over them this year and next year they’re appreciate your BH Cosmetics, Milani, NYX or E.L.F to name a few.

Beauty Gift Ideas

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beauty gift guide
1. Eye shadow palettes such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and Lorac’s Unzipped Gold palettes are great gifts. BH Cosmetics also has great palette at a lower price point.
2. Bath bombs are like those body washes everyone receives but even BETTER! Check out these Me!Bath Bombs in Peach Nectar , Birthday Cake and more. The Lush brand is a very popular choice as well, but keep in mind these are very easy to DIY if you’re on a budget.
3. MAC Nutcracker glitter kit or lipstick kit are festive but great year around. The great thing about buying MAC cosmetics is that the receiver will love it for the brand alone.
4. Definitely check out Mario Badescu skin care products if you don’t want to go the makeup route. Skin care is important and the glycolic foaming cleanser above is perfect for clearing up hyper-pigmentation. The moisture magnet and protein night cream are also great additions to any skincare regimen.
5. Lip gloss shall be popping with this Lorac lip gloss collection. Any girl would be hype to see “Santa” left behind an entire set of lippies. You can of course create your own collection with any other brand. Just bundle up 4-6 lip glosses or lip sticks from any brand and you have the perfect gift.
6. Sephora’s Favorites Perfume Sampler is pretty dope because not everyone has a favorite scent and it’s one of those things every women should have. This is the perfect opportunity to help that special someone learn something new about themselves. A cheaper alternative is circling Macy’s a few times.
7. This Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove is perfect for makeup junkies who often forget the importance of keeping a clean brush. It gets all that old makeup out which means less breakouts from bacteria!
8. Last but not least a simple train case by Caboodle (an upgrade from the 90’s version) to hold all you precious makeup in.  This is necessary for staying organized and looking like a professional.

FYI: The affiliate links within this gift guide lead you directly to the products site.

You can check out the UNIQUE GIFT GUIDE HERE.

Beauty Gift Guide Review

Bh cosmetics 28-Shade Neutral Eye Shadow Palette • $19
Sigma Beauty Sigma Spa ® 2X Brush Cleaning Glove • Sigma Beauty • $39
Caboodles Adored 4 Tray Train Case • Ulta • $33
ME! Bath® Birthday Cake Mini Ice Cream Bath Soak 12 oz • Me! Bath • $9.99
Me! Bath Bath Bomb Papaya Nectar 6 ct • Me! Bath • $9.99
LORAC ‘Unzipped Gold’ Eyeshadow Palette • LORAC • $42
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette • Anastasia Beverly Hills • $42
Perfume Sampler • $65
LORAC Happy Hour Hues Alter Ego Lip Gloss Collection • LORAC • $25
Mario Badescu The Regimen Kit • Mario Badescu • $30
Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser • Mario Badescu • $16
Mario Badescu ‘The Moisture Magnet’ SPF 15 • Mario Badescu • $24
Mario Badescu Protein Night Crème • Mario Badescu • $22
Caboodles Tres Chic Black Train Case • $24.48
MAC Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigment Glitter Kit • M·A·C • $35
MAC Nutcracker Sweet Red Mini Lipstick Kit • M·A·C • $35


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New Vlog: Pink & Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

makeup for black women

Just dropping off a new Youtube video! Never thought I’d get into makeup tutorials but here I am doing exactly what I thought I wouldn’t. I always said there are enough women showing off their talents let me stay in my lane and we all see how that’s going. Now I’m thinking, let me just slide up in the beauty game before men take over LOL. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Pink and Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

How did I do? I made it up as I went along!

Behind The Scenes of a YouTube Video + New Vlog Glam Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

making a youtube video


I did a vlog talking about my natural hair troubles (see previous post) and my makeup stole the show. This is always surprising because I’m really winging it every time I do my makeup. So when asked if I could do a tutorial on my eye look I was a touch nervous. People want me to do this on camera and not embarrass myself! Luckily for me editing is an option because the real tea is if this was a live tutorial y’all would have a field day in my comments. LET ME EXPLAIN.

Behind The Scenes of Shooting A Makeup Tutorial

So, I did my brows off camera because they take forever to get right. I’m currently growing them out so there’s a lot going on above my eyes sans concealer. As I was shooting this video I thought to myself “I wonder how hard the viewers will judge me for the sea of concealer surrounding my brows. It was a lot but I swear it’s necessary! I go to start my eye makeup and I’m thinking to myself this looks bad. This looks like I have no clue what I’m doing! However, it always comes together in the end. THIS IS NOT MY FINAL FORM PEOPLE!

not my final form

After I get my eye makeup YouTube worthy, I start to apply my concealer. Like always I apply a little concealer on the back of my hand only this time directly next to the glue I used to apply my glitter. Like the genius I am I begin to apply what is now a mixture of eyelash glue and concealer to the bridge of my nose (on camera of course). Do you see why editing is important? You guys would have never known that or seen me panic after realizing I forget the FOUNDATION step altogether. Who forgets to apply literally the FOUNDATION of an entire makeup look? Me, that’s who!

So, now I’m trying to wash heavy duty concealer off while not destroying the only thing I was asked to do (glitter eye shadow). I had one job! No worries, I successfully stripped my face of all its moisture and started my routine back on the right track.  Mind you during this entire video I’m stopping to chase two toddlers out of my makeup train case. My daughter is literally in the background trying to devour all my lipsticks and laughing at my attempts shoo her away. My son also finds humor in my struggle to give them the ‘you better stop face’ and simultaneously give Youtube ‘hey, guys I’m so ecstatic to tell you all about lip gloss face’. Yes, this is why editing is important!

In the end, I got the look done and it came out nice. I wanted to do the slow motion beauty guru faces that all, Oh I’m so fabulous, check out these angles and don’t expect me to smile. However, my son knocked my camera off the tripod and I decided it was best to let that dream go. I won’t even get into the fact that my camera is no longer able to screw onto the tripod so it just sits there doing a balancing act like a pro.

Behind the scenes of a YouTube video can be rough. But, I made it through and my no children were hurt in the making of the video below. Please check it out and subscribe to my channel.

 New Vlog Glam Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Disclosure: The below statement contains affiliate links.

This look features the Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer called The Warning that I received in my Pop Sugar Fall Must Have Box. I mentioned that I’d tell you guys about it and I do love this gloss. It’s not too sticky, the color is gorgeous and the tube is really unique. It’s very light in color and only looks opaque because I’m wearing it over my Russian Red by MAC. If you want a red that isn’t intimidating and that can go from day to night I’d recommend this product.

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