Behind The Scenes of a YouTube Video + New Vlog Glam Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

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I did a vlog talking about my natural hair troubles (see previous post) and my makeup stole the show. This is always surprising because I’m really winging it every time I do my makeup. So when asked if I could do a tutorial on my eye look I was a touch nervous. People want me to do this on camera and not embarrass myself! Luckily for me editing is an option because the real tea is if this was a live tutorial y’all would have a field day in my comments. LET ME EXPLAIN.

Behind The Scenes of Shooting A Makeup Tutorial

So, I did my brows off camera because they take forever to get right. I’m currently growing them out so there’s a lot going on above my eyes sans concealer. As I was shooting this video I thought to myself “I wonder how hard the viewers will judge me for the sea of concealer surrounding my brows. It was a lot but I swear it’s necessary! I go to start my eye makeup and I’m thinking to myself this looks bad. This looks like I have no clue what I’m doing! However, it always comes together in the end. THIS IS NOT MY FINAL FORM PEOPLE!

not my final form

After I get my eye makeup YouTube worthy, I start to apply my concealer. Like always I apply a little concealer on the back of my hand only this time directly next to the glue I used to apply my glitter. Like the genius I am I begin to apply what is now a mixture of eyelash glue and concealer to the bridge of my nose (on camera of course). Do you see why editing is important? You guys would have never known that or seen me panic after realizing I forget the FOUNDATION step altogether. Who forgets to apply literally the FOUNDATION of an entire makeup look? Me, that’s who!

So, now I’m trying to wash heavy duty concealer off while not destroying the only thing I was asked to do (glitter eye shadow). I had one job! No worries, I successfully stripped my face of all its moisture and started my routine back on the right track.  Mind you during this entire video I’m stopping to chase two toddlers out of my makeup train case. My daughter is literally in the background trying to devour all my lipsticks and laughing at my attempts shoo her away. My son also finds humor in my struggle to give them the ‘you better stop face’ and simultaneously give Youtube ‘hey, guys I’m so ecstatic to tell you all about lip gloss face’. Yes, this is why editing is important!

In the end, I got the look done and it came out nice. I wanted to do the slow motion beauty guru faces that all, Oh I’m so fabulous, check out these angles and don’t expect me to smile. However, my son knocked my camera off the tripod and I decided it was best to let that dream go. I won’t even get into the fact that my camera is no longer able to screw onto the tripod so it just sits there doing a balancing act like a pro.

Behind the scenes of a YouTube video can be rough. But, I made it through and my no children were hurt in the making of the video below. Please check it out and subscribe to my channel.

 New Vlog Glam Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

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This look features the Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer called The Warning that I received in my Pop Sugar Fall Must Have Box. I mentioned that I’d tell you guys about it and I do love this gloss. It’s not too sticky, the color is gorgeous and the tube is really unique. It’s very light in color and only looks opaque because I’m wearing it over my Russian Red by MAC. If you want a red that isn’t intimidating and that can go from day to night I’d recommend this product.

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