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10,000 Youtube Views Mama I Made It

10,000 Youtube Views

Ok, I didn’t make it big just yet. However, I’m so happy to be on my way. I was happy to get 1,000 views and 3 subscribers but over 10,000 and I’m on top of the world baby. To be honest almost 8,000 of those views came from one video (below) and I was quite surprised. I never thought that would ever be my top video. But, here I am making my DIY Rihanna Slides like a real budget queen would:


Number 1 Thing I Learned From Vlogging

Lighting is everything! I promise as soon as I get some bomb lighting my videos will be A-1. I record some of my vlogs on my IPhone and others on my Nikon , either way, bad lighting always equal not so great quality. No worries I’ll be fixing that very soon because I want to always provide quality content to you guys. I never realized how difficult it is to vlog than to blog. There’s so much work and when you add in two noisy kids that don’t sleep it gets stressful. But, one thing I know is if someone has done it before then it’s possible. So I won’t be making any excuses just working on improving. I can’t wait to be flourishing like my other fav black vloggers!

Here’s my very first video.

How To Define 4c Natural Hair

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