Male Weaves, Fake Dreads & Other Foolishness

male weaves

 Something That Can’t Be Unseen

So you’re at home by yourself completely wrapped up in your guilty pleasure, some drama filled TV show that steals your soul once a week. In walks your significant other. Although you hear him, you aren’t really paying much attention to his appearance. As your show heads into a commercial you get a glimpse of something that can’t be unseen. Your man who left home 6 hours ago for a haircut is standing before you with three times as much hair as you. Your man who left home with barely 2 inches of hair now has dreadlocks. What do you do?

men with weaves

white man box braids

The Donald Trump Effect


I know you’ve seen this trend. Men with fake dreads, afros, braids and just about everything else. This is not the kind of thing that shows up October 31st. It’s April and he just felt like it. This man woke up and felt in his spirit that a male weave was best for his life. He wasn’t balding, just in the mood for some tracks that Jay Z didn’t produce. I don’t understand this trend at all. It’s like Donald Trump as somehow gained political power and convinced our men that bad hair extensions were cool too. Although I do make strong attempts to not be judgemental, i’m judging and respectfully decline to consign this mess. Let’s be clear the only men I’m talking about are guys like Fetty Wap. Call me Petty Wap because those dreads he borrowed from Future look exhausted. For those of you balding and looking for a confidence boost I get it, it’s weird but, I get it.

Ladies Be Honest


Can you imagine sitting next to your guy in the beauty shop laughing over celebrity gossip. You’re just trying to get in and get out and he’s nagging about afro kinky or trying Malaysian. I can’t. And then a lot of these guys have so much to say about women that wear weave.  I just need this trend to die and never come back like Ed Hardy and toe rings. Because, if a man with a weave tells me anything negative about my hair we have a problem. 


male quick weave meme

Let’s say he isn’t dealing with balding and just wants to switch it up. Ladies how are you reacting to male weaves?


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