The Crazy Things You Do When Obsessed With Chirstmas

obsessed with christmas plans


Christmas plans 2015

Christmas Plans for 2015


Happy December! The best time of the year is here and I’m very excited. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday it’s not because it falls three days after my birthday. I’m not sure what it is actually. I simply love this time of year. Growing up I never got to experience any traditions or big celebrations. So now that I’m a mommy I feel like I have to give my kids the experiences I wish I had. I wanted to set up the tree with my family around drinking hot coco like they do in the movies. I wanted stockings hanging over a fireplace that never got turned on because it never snows anyway. I wanted to count down the days in a corny way and wear ugly Christmas sweaters. But I never had anyone to be lame with. Now that I have two children I’ll be giving them all the corny things I wanted until they beg me chill out.


christmas plaid family outfit

Matching Pajamas

These are the pajamas we’ll be wearing in our first family holiday photo. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find something everyone can wear. Thanks Walmart, your actually good for something other than long lines. I’m thinking we could use our tree as a backdrop. Do you guys have any photo ideas?


christmas tree purple blue

Oh Christmas Tree

Here’s our Christmas tree this year, it’s been up before we even bought the Thanksgiving turkey. The colors are teal, silver with pops of purple. I fell in love with the feathers and beads decoration and had to get them. I even discovered that if your tree is a little spacey placing a mantle wreath in the empty spots helps fill it out. I’m thinking my next tree will be black and leopard or all platinum. I love how creative decorations have gotten. Before it was green, red, bows, trains and a white angel on the top. Now the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to do themed holidays.


diy christmas ornaments

Something to Cherish

These are ornaments I’m making for my Ninjalinos ( characters from Kaiden’s favorite show PJ mask). I purchased the clear ornaments and glittered beads separately at the Hobby Lobby. I’m thinking of putting our holiday photo inside, but it’s not set in stone. I can’t figure out what I really want to add to them. I started a keepsake box for each of my children and want the ornaments to be something they can cherish.

baby keepsake ornaments

K for Kaiden S for Syriah

Here are the ornaments I purchased with their first initials on them. Another thing that will be kept in their keepsake box. Aren’t they cute. They were only $4.99 each at the Hobby Lobby. I’m also obsessed with this store. So many things to choose from and Christmas decor is currently 50% off.


Christmas snowman hat

Santa Hats and Snowmen

I thought these hats were so adorable. Of course Syriah’s head is too small for a Santa hat, so we went with the baby snowman cap. BTW they were a dollar each at the Dollar Tree. We might wear them in our holiday photos. They also have tons of holiday stuff, like gift wrapping paper, gift boxes, tins, elf ears and candy canes and decorations.


christmas stockings

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone


During my trip to the Dollar Tree I discovered these stockings. There are so many children in my family and I can’t afford to ball out in Toy R’ Us for everyone just yet. So this year I thought I’ll give all the kids stocking stuffers. Something they never had and I hope they appreciate it.

I’m not sure if you can tell but I’m ready for December 25th, only 24 more days.

What will you guys be doing this holiday season?


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