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Mind, Body and Soul

I can not express this enough; It is so important to take care of our body, mind and soul. When you’re a parent it is even more important. I have two children, one is 4 months and the other is two years old. This goes without saying, sometimes I need a moment. The moments I take is to self-care. Whether I’m dreaming I’m on vacation or experimenting with a recipe, my moments are important.

A Moment to GetFitLikeNic

My fitness goals are to one day be a Yogi. I’m fascinated with yoga even though I’ve read so much controversy lately. Have you heard that yoga is about opening yourself up to demons? I’m not sure about evil forces taking over my body, I just want to stretch and relax. I also find it amazing how the body can adapt so well and become more flexible over time.

If there is anyone that I look up to in fitness it’s GetFitwithNic. She has just the right of muscle without looking like she bench presses TheRock. My other goal is to get rid of this tummy get healthy and toned. So, I make sure my self-care matches my goals. The best thing about yoga is it teaches me patience and relaxes my mind. The feeling I get when accomplishing a position that seemed complicated at first is a major plus. It’s hard to do it as much as I would like, but I’m always trying to find the time to get back to it. With two small children, peace and quiet is almost non-existent. However, when I get a moment to stretch and be at peace I take it.


About a year ago I use to work out almost everyday. I literally couldn’t wait to wake up to a new challenge. Burpees will forever be the enemy, however I use to feel so proud to get through a set. These days I go hard when I can and in some sick way that sore feeling always makes me a little happy inside.

You know how every time you stop working out your body readjusts itself to being a couch potato again and you have to deal with the feeling of feeling like you just climbed Mount Everest all because you went for a walk for the first time in 4 months. Yes that long sentence was on purpose and that story is legit.

When I’m not in downward dog, I like to take walks with my babies. This is our time to bond and get some much-needed fresh air. It’s also the only time my toddler isn’t jumping off  tables or beating the flat screen. Self-care isn’t always so selfish.

Oatmeal and Meatballs

Now that I’m breastfeeding I’m careful of what I put into my body. Before, I had protein shakes daily, pre-workout, bcaa, fish oil, multi-vitamins and iron. Also chia seeds and ground flax seeds in smoothies or oatmeal. Now, I keep things more simple. I’m not able to go as hard with working out as I would like, so I’ve cut out all the extra stuff. I  make sure to take iron, fish oil and a multi-vitamin supplements once a day

Oatmeal is my go to breakfast. If you haven’t had cranberries and apples in your oatmeal then you’re missing out on life. I also always make sure I don’t forget the chia seeds. Chia Seeds are high in fiber, protein and contain more omega three’s than salmon. Those little seeds contain a lot of nutrients. Speaking of salmon have you heard it can now legally be grown with GMO’s and sold without a warning label. Smh sorcery.

Speaking of my love for oatmeal, I use it for more than just breakfast. Oatmeal can be used in meatloaf and meatballs as well. I know it sounds crazy and kind of gross reading it. But, it’s actually undetectable. The best way to use it is in a 50/50 mix of oatmeal and breadcrumbs and I promise no one will notice. When I’m not eating meatballs, I’m faking vegetarianism. I know, WTH. I’m about 89% vegetarian, which actually makes me not vegetarian at all. Lately, I’ve opted to eat things like curry chickpeas instead of curry chicken. Or eggplant parmesan instead of chicken parmesan. What this does for me is forces me to make better food choices. It’s not that I don’t eat meat , but I am getting back to being more conscious of what I eat. Also, I recently looked at a steak and thought, ‘nah, I’m good.’

Trini Doubles ( curry chick peas on a fried dough)

Day Dreamer

Blogging is a big part of my self-care. It keeps me busy and it’s the best release. Writing has allowed me to open up and express myself in which ever way I choose. Through photos or words I just get to be 100% myself and connect with other people. When I’m not blogging and my babies are asleep, it’s me and my music. 

Headphones in and my mind is miles away from the world. I love old school anything and recently realized that neo-soul is really dope and underrated. I always would listened to a few neo-soul artist and now years later the words just started resonating with me. 

Another thing that I love and keeps my brain sharp is taking online classes. There are so many free ones to choose from and I don’t need to invest a dime. Mostly, I prefer business courses and subjects such as self-development. 

And lastly, I love Pinterest! Doesn’t everyone? I could sit on there all night pinning recipes and home decor ideas. Sometimes in self-care it’s good to let your mind wander and imagine. So I like to imagine my dream home, all the DIY projects I would do if I had time, and the recipes I would cook in my future chef’s kitchen.

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