My Crazy Birth Stories: Natural Labor & Delivery

natural epidural birth story


Natural vs Epidural Labor & Delivery

*Warning I kept it real, may be a little graphic

  Epidural Birth Story 

I woke up at 12:50 with the worst cramps I’ve ever had. After having the ultimate blonde moment I remembered that there’s a greater chance of me being in labor than just having cramps. So I did just about everything I learned on YouTube. Cus’ Millennial! I got on all fours, walked around the house and jumped in a warm shower. I was swaying , doing my deep breathing , timing my contractions with an app I found. Cus’ Millennial. As soon as I realized I was getting my behind whipped from the inside by what felt like a small elephant every 5 minutes, I decided it was time. You may think that’s a little late, but hospitals will send you home if they’re not satisfied with your progress. I also live very close to a hospital. So, I got to the ER, wait time wasn’t too bad and was given a Labor and Delivery room in good time. This room was pretty nice. But honestly, I could’ve been in the back of a trailer I just wanted the kid out. The nurses came and went promising relief and I swear they forgot about me a few times. I was a very calm first time mom. I credit that to all labor videos I sat through. Maybe if I was screaming they would help me quicker. My actual labor was described as boring by my doctor. I can’t make this stuff up. Back to these contractions. Finally, I got my epidural and minus the fear of being paralyzed if you move too much, according to my mother, I was in heaven after that. Not too sure but, I think I even took a nap. I have no don’t memory of anything from epidural to labor. So either I got knocked out or fell asleep. Let’s go with fell sleep.

When it was time to push I felt nothing. Amen! Just completely numb from the waist down, with just enough pressure to know when to push. Baby boy arrived at 12:51 p.m and it was a really easy and quick labor. They took him to be warmed up and I didn’t get to see him for the first two hours. Torture! I received a few stitches and thanks to the meds I still felt nothing. Well nothing until they wore off. Recovering from the epidural was weird. Legs felt like rubber and I wasn’t really loving the feeling. However, there were zero complications. Once the pain from the episiotomy went away I was back to normal in no time. We were healthy and happy, thank god.


Natural Birth Story

I woke up at about 6:30 in the worst pain of my life. Worst than with my son. I tried to walk around the house but, my body was like no and my mind was hell no. So, in my pain ; I got dress, packed a hospital bag and packed my sons bag to stay with family. We arrived at the hospital only to spend most of my labor in the lobby. The labor and delivery nurse took forever to take me upstairs. When I did get there one of the nurses told me to get on the bed to check my cervix. I tried to explain there’s no way I could get up there but, she insisted. I forced myself on the bed and as soon as she checked me she said ” I feel the head.” Naturally everyone starts rushing and preparing for delivery. Another nurse tells me I need to transfer from bed a to bed b. I’m thinking WTH is wrong with these people. There’s no way this makes sense. Either way, I scoot my behind on to the next bed and told them the baby was coming NOW. The nurses said I have to wait and try to hold it. Lmao! (Not at the time) Hold what? So anyway, I pushed! When I pushed one the nurses said “that bag is gonna burst.” My water never broke and no one broke until I started pushing on my own. Look, I couldn’t hold the baby in , nature took over and I had to do, what I had to do. While I was on side of the room with my mother , everyone else including some doctors or nurses being trained was on the other just prepping and watching. So the nurse comes over burst my water ,I assumed, pushing once more , she grabs the baby. It’s only 7:21. I was in labor for less than an hour. However, this doesn’t include delivering the placenta which, for some reason didn’t want to leave my body.

I laid in that bed trembling, waiting and very uncomfortable for what felt like hours. I was given one stitch after using a needle to numb the area. All of this with no little to no useful meds and within a very short time span. This time, calm wasn’t an option. I felt every bit of labor pains. However, hearing “It’s a girl” was music to my ears. I couldn’t wait to hold her and fall in love like I did with my son. Luckily, I was pretty independent after labor since I didn’t have an epidural. What I didn’t expect was the recovery experience. This time I felt like I was ran over by a truck. Although my body hurt like hell and I was running on no sleep, I was glad that we were both healthy. Especially considering that I’m anemic and avoided a blood transfusion for the second time. Something that helped greatly with recovery was breastfeeding. Every time my daughter would nurse I felt my uterus contract. Nursing helps to shrink the  uterus and avoid losing too much blood. Yes, that also hurt. Through all of that I can only be thankful that things didn’t go worst. Thank god for watching over us.


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