Sophistication and Trap Music: The Balance Of Righteous and Ratchet

Sophistication and Trap Music

The Balance Of Righteous and Ratchet 

The Ying and Yang of Life According to Charlemagne 

Do you think it’s possible?
Trap music is so ignorant but, it’s good right?
I mean the lyrics are terrible but, it’s good…. right?
I’m just trying to sell these bricks in my head ,
while I eat brunch and flick through old magazines I read.
What’s wrong with that?
I’m definitely a queen, but not queen of trap.
I’m still singing all the lyrics to this song.
Shorty won’t you come my wayyy…
Listen I’m not going no where.
I’m too busy painting my nails and re-twisting my hair.
Not in that order.
I’m trying to consider can a classy girl,  can a queen, rap things so obscene?
I’m mean this is bad.. right?
Like this ain’t me, but it  feels right .
This song so dope change it you won’t .
Let me sit pretty and just a little saditty while I act like Diddy ..
I can be sophisticated and still turn up .
I don’t want to get wrinkled, but I’m still hitting the Schmurda.
Look I get its a little unconventional.
I’m suppose to empower to better than the rest of them.
But it’s not so bad…
It’s just a little hood music under the moonlight.
I can be classy and like trap music … Right?

Shanae WIldgoose

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