I Believe In Purpose

I Believe In Purpose

I believe in that warm feeling of Christmas morning and 
that cold feeling of ice cream on a hot day. 
I believe that laughter is the best medicine 
even when happiness has fade.
I believe life is a gift and 
when I think of the reality that we will be gone someday …
I believe we should live our best lives and 
forget what those who don’t get it have to say.
I believe we should appreciate the clouds. 
How they seem to move and sway like the leaves of the trees that stay a prefect green until…
I believe in change.
I believe we have to switch it up like green goes brown to signal new things.
I believe in growth and queens and kings.
I believe if our days our numbered 
we should enjoy the birds that sing.
I believe the birds are telling us were free to fly high and
 stretch out our wings. 
I believe in the feeling of internal peace , joy and spring
I believe in love that shared flowers bring.
I believe we are seasons that come with no neatness.
I believe my winter can be your summer and we’re just pieces.
I believe we’re a puzzle trying to fit were we don’t belong. 
When our spot is on the other side of the fear’s board. 
I believe that spot isn’t about limit, 
but to find yourself you’ll find what’s missing 
I believe in purpose. 

Shanae WIldgoose

Lifestyle Blogger, Mom of 2, Bahamian, Creative

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