If Vogue Magazine Interviewed Me: 73 Questions + Answers

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Inspired By Lupita Nygong’…

Inspired by Lupita Nygong’o 73 question interview with Vogue Magazine, Modern Day Kay did her own in true Vogue fashion. I thought it was great idea and felt inspired to do the same. I didn’t make up my own so all credit goes to her, however my responses are all mine. I hope you read and learn little about me. 

Questions + Answer 

1.What do you do to start your day?

I nurse baby Syriah while going through emails, IG , Twitter and Facebook – bad habits I’m trying to break. 
2.When was the last time you cried?
A few days ago 
3.A book(s) you plan on reading?
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) – Mindy Kaling 
The Road Less Traveled- M. Scott Peck

4.A book you read that positively shaped you? 
Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov LOL 
5. Instagram or Twitter?
Twitter- I love seeing how different people think
6.If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Hell Yeah , she’s pretty dope 
7.Can you say something in another language?
¿Donde esta mi dinero?
8.Least favorite fruit?
Pears – the texture is too weird
9.Your best friend went through a bad break up, how do you comfort her?
I’ll tell her it ok to let this moment not  be your best day. Just don’t let this moment define the rest of your life. 
10.What is your favorite cereal?
Fruity Pebbles
11.Favorite item in your closet?
A LBR- Little Black Romper
12.Do you think you’re strong? Doesn’t just mean physical.
Absolutely, i have a lot of moments when I feel down and I never stay down, I’m always fights to be better. I think I’m great at staying optimistic and reminding myself of things to be grateful for. 
13.Your favorite blogger at the moment?
I honestly don’t have one. Oops! The reason I started blogging is because I struggled to find a black blogger that I connected with the way I wanted to. However, through blogging I’ve discovered that there are so many amazing black women that blog. I think google keeps us hidden on page 126 of the search pages. 
14.What’s the first thing you notice about people?
 I notice how they carry themselves. 
15.When was last time you gave someone a genuine compliment?
About a week ago – might have to do better in this area 
16.What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
I get so nervous in social situations. 
17.Who do you miss the most?
My grandfather, he was basically the only one I knew and I use to love being around him as a kid. Cancer sucks!
18.What is the hardest thing about blogging ? What is the most rewarding?
The hardest this is the fear that someone will negatively comment on my work.The most rewarding is when someone supports it.
19.What do you miss most about your childhood?
Nothing, I was too shy and doubted myself too much. I love the person I’m becoming and I can’t go back.
20.Scale of 1 to 10, how happy/ excited are you with life right now? 
6 – I’m in a stage that I’m trying to more past. But I’ve been learning a lot  and getting better.
21.Favorite TV show on right no?
22.If everything in the room you’re in had to hope to be one color what would it be?
Egg shell
23.What’s the hardest decision you had to make? 
Leaving my kids father. I don’t do bad relationships just to be a relationship. 
24.Who was the last person to talk to her on the phone?
My aunt 
25.What is your favorite song say about you?
Never Would of Made It- Marvin Sapp
This song says that I always have faith that things get better has long as I trust that God will be there for me.
26.If you could have a duet with anybody who would it be. 
Whitney Houston 
27.How do you stay confident?
I remind myself that no one is for everyone. I can’t pressure myself into perfection but I can embrace what I do have. Confidence is something I’m growing into. 
28.What scares you the most?
I’m afraid of never feeling fulfilled.
29.Puppies or kittens?
30.Favorite food? 
Yes-all of the above
31.Scary films or happy endings?
Both but I love rom coms 
32.What’s one of your life goals? 
To have a huge conference for empowering black women. 
33.What book are you reading right now?
34.Summer or Winter?
Winter – Florida winter = Fall weather 
35.Would you consider yourself an open book?
No, I wish but I do like having a little mystery 
36.Free plane ticket or hotel accommodation?
Plane Ticket – the first step is getting there 
37. Best gift you’ve ever received.
38. Last gifts you gave someone?
I baked my mother a cheesecake and packed her a lunch to take to work because she will get so wrapped up in work she won’t eat lunch.
39. Best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Do things right when you have the chance so you never have to look back with regrets.
40. What do you believe you were put on this earth to do and if you don’t know what do you feel is your life purpose?
I feel my purpose might be to show women that they can be more than what society wants them to be. You don’t have to dumb yourself down, kill yourself for that same body every famous for nothing chick has, you can have opinions and be beautiful and defy stereotypes. 
41. Last time you felt loved?
When I gave birth to my daughter. No one knew I was pregnant and I still got a lot of support from family.
42. Do you love about yourself the most?
43. Farthest you’ve been away from home?
Depends on you look at 
But on my own -Orlando 4 hours away
44. Do you have a special talent?
No – I’m pretty creative with a lot of things, maybe that’s a talent.
45. Favorite drink?
Anything slightly fruity, sparkling and sweet 
46. If you could have dinner with three people (dead or alive) who would they be?
Rihanna,  Janelle Monae and Tyra Banks 
47.Last movie you watched in a movie theater?
John Wick -hated it 
48. What’s the last article you shared?
49. Favorite genre of music?
Torn between old school r&b and reggae
50. Dark or milk chocolate?
Milk of course 
51. You’re turning around to go back home because you forgot your ___?
Glasses – I need them and don’t wear them 
52. Why is your favorite celebrity your favorite celebrity?
Beyonce- I love how she works hard, slays, keeps her private life private and always makes time to enjoy life with her family. 
53.What was the last story you read in the news about?
The problems in Syria. My daughters name is Syriah so I’m always thinking of those poor people that washed up on shore and trying flee to safety. R.I.P. 
54. Heels, flats or sneakers?
Hard question I love a great heel and have a ton I’ve never worn but comfort is everything to me so I usually end up in flats. 
55. Who should everyone be following right now?
@humansofny IG 
@theurbane23 Twitter
56. Bath or shower?
Shower .. But I do love soaking in a bath 
57. Where do you go for motivation?
Idk I just live and find motivation in seeing other win and being around things I want for myself and my kids. 
58.What makes you uncomfortable?
Being in a new environment where everyone knows each other except you.
59. Favorite musician?
60.To be or not to be?
To be 
61. What would be the title of your autobiography?
The Things I Wish I Said 
62. What are your initials?
63. Best gift ever you’ve given?
Idk I’m a terrible gift giver I always overthink things and I never think the gift is enough. I got my mother this red coach bag one Christmas and was convinced I needed something else. So I bought this ring with black and white diamonds. I still owe on that credit card too. 
64. How do you handle failure?
I spent a lot of time not dealing with emotions. So now I’m learning to just feel what ever it is I feel and then refocus. 
65. What would you tell your 18-year-old self then that you know now?
So many things are in your head. Stop thinking you know the response before you attempt the action. 
66. Will you be voting for Kanye in 2020?
Absolutely not, he’s confused and Kim Khardasian as first lady is a hell no. 
67. A great way to de-stress?
Watching a comedy , laughter is the best medicine 
68. Best invention ever?
69. The last time you had to control your frustration?
I have a toddler and an infant – Everyday 
70. Do you think there is equilibrium in profession and parenthood?
Of course , each can be very hard on its own though. So shout out to all the superwomen that do both. 
71.What item completes your look?

72. Whats your sign?
73. Last picture you took

Well if you see this lovely face then you’ve probably learned 73 new things about me. If you decide to do your own, don’t forget to let me know.P.S. Thanks Modern Day Kay for the great idea.

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