Do’s and Don’ts For Natural Hair Length

retain hair growth
natural hair growth before and after

Retain Natural Hair Growth

What works for one won’t work for all. Always do what works best for your hair. 

Do co-wash with Tresemme Naturals
Do finger detangle with VO5 conditioner (only $1) – Yes to this throwback product, it does wonders for detangling…. I promise
Do cleanse with ACV /water (50-50)- A clean scalp very important to growth 
Do protect your hair every night with satin bonnet or pillow – Other materials absorb natural oils and moisture
Do limit over styling – All that unnecessary pulling can be a lot on your hair follicles.
Do keep ends moisturized (important for coilier textures)- It’s harder for natural oils to go from root to tip in coilier textures, causing dry ends.
Do keep proteins and moisture levels balance ( protein treatments once a 
month and deep condition once a week)
Do stay heat free or limit heat as much as possible- Too much = Breakage
Do stretch hair with twists or braids before use of heat to limit damage- Pre-stretching hair not only lessens styling time but cuts back on how much heat you expose your hair to.
Do stay healthy and hydrated- Hair needs moisture, if your not drinking enough water it will affect your hair.
Do remember to take daily vitamins- Always important 
Do use a water-based leave in product (Cantu Leave in Moisturizer)- Moisture helps prevent breakage from dry hair. 
Do cut split ends – Can’t repair these things, let it go!
Don’t over trim hair – Cutting hair doesn’t make it grow faster
Do overnight deep condition with shower cap or plastic bag under bonnet – A great way to get a even better deep condition and soften hair.
Don’t dye damaged or extremely dry hair – Healthy hair is more important than trendy hair.
Do blend banana or avocado in a DIY treatment before applying to hair. – It’s very difficult and stressful removing chunks of fruit of hair.. Trust me!
Do wear a sports headband to keep water from dripping during conditioning.- Soaks up extra water!
Do seal moisturized hair with oil (Try Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)- Don’t be fooled by fake oils, read the ingredients.
Don’t oil dry hair- Sealing dryness really makes no sense
Do use sulfate free shampoo (Loreal EverCreme Sulfate-free Shampoo )- Sulfate strips moisture which usually doesn’t come natural to black hair.
Do avoid ingredients such mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol and petroleum- Their either drying or blocking your follicles from growing.
Do allow hair to rest between protective styles- Overstyling will cause hair to break off. 


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