7 Tips For First Birthday Parties

planning toddler birthday
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Time Sure Flies When Your Toddler’s Having Fun (And Your Stress Eating Candy In A Bathroom Hoping He Doesn’t Hear The Wrapper Open).

August 29th, my not so little boy turns two. Since he has no idea what that means, I’m excited for the both of us! This time last year I was planning a Hawaiian Luau to celebrate his first. Sadly, Kaiden came down with a fever and the tiki torches probably didn’t help. Our family flew in from the Bahamas and he was so unimpressed it’s a little embarrassing. The karaoke machine, hula hoops, photo section, home-made Hawaiian themed drinks really weren’t appreciated either. I mean I wasn’t expecting much, however I wished he at least could pretend to care. Although, Kaiden just wanted to lay down in the air-condition after a while, I’d like to think my family managed to enjoy themselves.

Let me tell you, this year will be 10x better, I’m claiming it! He’s turning two and unless he burns everything down, I’m confident.The theme is a clown free Circus/Carnival, possibly a vintage style carnival. I can’t risk IT (as in Stephen King’s) showing up and ruining the day. Thanks to the wonderful world of Piniterest my birthday Kaiden’s birthday is looking like a positive this year.

Planning Toddler Party

So You’re Throwing A Party For Your Completely Oblivious Little One!

1.Lower your expectations! It’s their party and they will ruin it if they want to. Kids this young don’t know what’s going and they actually don’t care, so don’t stress perfection.

2.I think most are wise enough to check the weather. Some of us forget to check for windy days as well. Decorations and wind don’t mix! Oh yeah and please purchase quality tape!

3. Make it fun for everyone. If you’re going to go through the trouble of hosting a kids event, don’t forget about the parents. Remember, you don’t want them drunk or falling asleep. So provide activities that encourage parent involvement.

4. Buy or make a smash cake (possibly free at Publix when purchasing a cake, for first birthdays only). It’s cute, makes for great photos and let’s be honest no one likes germs on a delicious cake.

5. Save money and shop at the Dollar Tree (not for food). The dollar tree offers a lot of decorations for cheap. We purchased a lot of Kaiden’s luau decor from here.

6. A little DIY goes a long way. My favorite site Piniterest has an abundance of great DIY ideas.

7. If you can’t afford to party, then don’t. Let me repeat: Your child has no idea what’s going on. Nine times out of ten your doing it for you and not the kid.

Some of the only pictures I got before Kaiden  gave me that  ‘Mommy, I’m over it’ look! 

Top Left: My sister and I , Top Right: Me and the DIY Photo section &Props, Bottom Left: Kadien’s Mickey Luau Cake
Kaiden’s First Birthday Outfit
Second Outfit (shirt says King Kaiden)



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