8 Tips For Creating an Awesome Vision Board

how to vision board

Visualize Your Dreams


What does you ideal life look like?
The use of vision boards takes your thoughts to a new level and allows you see exactly what it is that you desire. A daily reminder is the push you need to live according to your intentions. You have to consider, what does your ideal life look like? This is not just for people that struggle to stay committed to goals. This is for anyone with serious intentions that go beyond losing a couple pounds. You can write that goal on a sheet of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror. This is for the goals that scare you because they’re so far out of your comfort zone.


There maybe things you want and don’t feel worthy of however, you are worthy. You deserve to be happy and in order to get there you have to know what would make you happy. Vision boards aren’t just about diamond rings and new cars. It’s also about emotions like, peaceful and character traits like confident and fearless. If happiness for you is about getting to a better emotion state then create a board that focuses on positive words and not material things.

8 tips on creating a vision board.

1. Choose images that focus on feelings and not just material objects.
2. Vision boards can be created in notebooks, on poster boards, digitally (through sites like Pinterest or Canva.com) or even printed and framed.
3. Be creative! If it’s not visually appealing you won’t ever look at it.
4. There is no standard size, it can take up a wall or fit in your purse.
5. If something new inspires you it can be added at anytime. Don’t limit yourself.
6. Remember to take a moment everyday, even twice a day, to look at what you created and proclaim that you will achieve it.
7. Goals require ACTION! Live your life with the clear intentions to get what you want.
8. Not everyone will understand your vision, never let that discourage you.


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