avocado deep conditoner


I collaborated with NaturAll to  share with you an amazing avocado based deep conditioner for damaged hair. NaturAll makes fresh avocado based deep conditioners that are delivered to your door cold and ready for use. They offer hair solutions for dry, damaged and dull hair with simple and familiar ingredients that you can trust.  You can check out the video below to find out more about their one-month NaturAll Club Box and it’s benefits. Avocado Deep Conditioner Promo Code All NaturAll Club products featured in the video can be found…

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how to make vision boards that really work

10 Tips For Creating A Vision Board That Really Works

 How to Make Vision Boards That Really Work 1. The most important thing you can do before creating a vision board is learning about yourself. Take the time to really pinpoint who you are, what is it that you need and want and how you plan to get it. Clipping out random images of things you find pretty will not motivate if they mean nothing to you. Of course, you want the final project to be beautiful but don’t lose sight of the message.  …

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fall fashion 2017 grunge revivial

Grunge Fashion Makes A Return For Fall 2017

What is Grunge Fashion? To simply put it grunge fashion , although edgy, is an intentionally thrown together look created by a generation who hated conformity. This uncoordinated style became very popular in the early 90’s and its obvious that fall 2017 fashion has been inspired by this 90’s trend. Key pieces for this throwback style includes flannel shirts, combat boots, ripped jeans, and band tees. This Grunge look often incorporates layers and over-sized pieces that are usually thrifted. Don’t be afraid of this trend…

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best car buying tips

Don’t Buy Your Next Car Until You Read This

How to Buy a Car *Sponsored Post Armed with confusing math formulas, British literature and a basic understanding of physics many are thrown into the real world barely needing any of these things. It doesn’t matter if your formal school days were 2 years ago or 20 years ago irritating is realizing all those research projects didn’t make you any better at finding reliable transportation of your own. Isn’t owning your own vehicle slightly more useful than understanding Shakespeare? Maybe you were expected to recite…

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Cute Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Easy Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Quick Hairstyles For Short Natual Hair   Natural haired girls know best the struggle that comes with dealing with short natural hair. Styling can be a pain in the ass but this is not solely due to its length. If anything its the lack of creativity and often realizing that recreating a style you found on Instagram is often something best left to a professional. However, believe it or not, there are tons of looks you can recreate from the comfort of your home. As long…

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makeup tutorial for back women

[Video] Powder Before Foundation New Makeup Hack

POWDER BEFORE FOUNDATION| MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BLACK WOMEN Are you keeping up with the latest beauty trends? Makeup artist, beauty lovers, and your favorite beauty gurus are raving over this reversed way to apply your makeup. Yes, I know you’ve just figured out the basics and just like that someone claims they have an improved version of your beauty routine. Lucky for you this new trend is pretty simple and painless. Powder Before Foundation  Using a translucent powder before applying foundation is said to create a…

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