black relationships

Struggle Love for Black Women and Their Magical Powers

So I’m scrolling through Facebook and came across a post that I had to share! A very interesting message from Tia Phillips who has a strong opinion on black women being told that they should settle for men still in the “growth” stage. Have you ever heard this before? I definitely have! My Non-Angry Black Woman Rant Why do some black men believe black women have magical healing powers. Like we’re supposed to enter your life, fix all of your problems and in the end if we’re lucky you’ll…

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dye synthetic wig

New Video: 3 Ways to Revamp Old Synthetic Wigs

Revamp Old Synthetic Wig From Old Wig To New My favorite protective style is, of course, WIGS but unless you’re new here you should already know that. After wearing a wig for a while things start to get not so great. That fresh and fab look goes pretty quick with synthetic wigs. Revamping your old wig is a great way to save money and get a cute new look. Why buy a new wig when you can just fix the one you have? It’s super…

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nordstorm anniversary sale

Fashion Friday: Nordstorm Anniversary Sale Part 1

Nordstorm Anniversary Sale : What to buy Nordstorm’s is having is huge sale! Get into NEW FALL ARRIVALS at the biggest event of the year with the help of me. You’re welcome! Best part is that you can shop in your PJ’s. Even better all product photos will take you directly to purchasing which every makes your heart scream Yassssss! The sale actually starts today (July 22nd) and ends August 7th. So you have time to get your fall slay ready. *post contains affiliate links Nordstorm…

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how to apply false lashes with bonding glue

How to Apply False Lashes With Bonding Glue

I fought with lashes for months. I should be ashamed of myself but, I was determined to get that look! Lashes take you from ” You’re cute”to ” Damnnnnn”. And why would I want to go out and be anything less than Damnnnnn. Pause: No one needs false lashes to be beautiful. Play: They’re so hard to get on and every glue that claimed to do the job failed me. Why are lashes so hard to get on? They’re difficult to get on because 9 times out of 10…

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basketball wives season 5

Basketball Wives L.A. is Back & We’re Confused

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap   Embed from Getty Images Who’s Back Basketball Wives L.A is one of Shaunie O’Neal’s many kids.  Very popular for having drama times 10 and a lot of fighting over not a damn thing. If you remember last season ended with Shaunie letting cast member Brandi know her services were no longer needed. At least that’s what me and the other 12 people that still watch assumed. However, we were clearly wrong because Brandi is still here and…

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