cheap weekend bags

Weekend Getaway Shopping: Luxury & Affordable Weekend Bags

  Weekend Getaway Shopping List Number 1 Item Now that summer has basically ended and the children are back in school, family vacations are probably over. But don’t think of the end of summer meaning traveling must come to a halt as well. Traveling is fitting for every season even if it’s just a simple weekend getaway. What does a perfect getaway require? Besides an amazing location and few fabulous outfits, you will definitely need a fly weekend bag.  Good luggage is absolutely necessary for that wanderlust spirit…

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snap in weave

How To Install Weave Extensions Without Glue or Sewing

It doesn’t matter how far the natural hair movement has come weave is still one of those things we won’t be letting go of. The thing about getting extensions is that the process simply sucks. Luckily for weave lovers, there are so many creatives out there inventing new ways to get you the look you desire. Previously, I shared a the braid-in bundles method that everyone was on the fence about. I thought it was pretty interesting and actually worth a try. You can check that…

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beauty groupns

Eyelash Extensions or False Lashes + Groupon Beauty Savings

Eyelashes are never going out of style! In my opinion, they are the second most important thing to perfect when doing your makeup, the first being eyebrows of course. For me, lashes have been a struggle that I just recently figured out. I was determined to get it right because nothing hurts more than seeing your highlight on point, eyebrows on fleek and eyeshadows perfectly blended and then baby lashes that even the greatest of mascaras couldn’t enhance. You not what? I lied, there is something that hurts…

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100 layers challenge

New Vlog: 100 Liquid Lipstick Layers Challenge

Viral Trend: 100 Layers Challenge The new viral challenge is all about layers, not  a haircut but overly layering everything from nail polish, to lipstick and clothes. I believe it started off with the Nailpolish Moutain where someone got the idea to layer 100 nail polishes on every nail! I barely like using base coat, nail polish and top coat so I’m amazed by the patience and determination! I’m even more amazed by how much this challenge has taken off. I’ve seen videos with 100…

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black relationships

Struggle Love for Black Women and Their Magical Powers

So I’m scrolling through Facebook and came across a post that I had to share! A very interesting message from Tia Phillips who has a strong opinion on black women being told that they should settle for men still in the “growth” stage. Have you ever heard this before? I definitely have! My Non-Angry Black Woman Rant Why do some black men believe black women have magical healing powers. Like we’re supposed to enter your life, fix all of your problems and in the end if we’re lucky you’ll…

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